Comparison (Similarities and Differences) between the Hindu religion and Christianity

The difference and similarities between the Hindu religion and Christianity simply lie between the many differences between the eastern and western religions.


Below are some of the major differences between the two religions.


  • Hindu religion is termed pantheistic, not theistic as in Christianity. Hindu religion believes in the existence of God as part of the universe. The universe as part of God, God is inter-related with the world while Christianity is the theistic, belief in the existence of one God, the creator of the whole universe and everything in it.
  • In Hinduism, religion comes from private mystical experiences, a human experience validates the scripture while in Christianity, and religion comes from public revelations recorded in a book and summarized in a creed, the words of the scripture judge the experience.
  • Hinduism considered an eastern religion, all eastern religions are esoteric, this means that the religion is mainly understood by few people who share the experience, in Hinduism, there are many levels of truth, this includes; polytheism, sacred cows and also reincarnation for the masses. There is also monotheism for the mythic, here one declares his/her individual soul with Braham (Braham is the only God of reincarnating). Once the truth is relative to the level of experience. As compared to Christianity where the religion is exoteric, it involves everyone and always open to all.
  • Individualism among the Hindu religion is considered an illusion, Hindu religion believes that all beings are not distinct from God or each other. Christian scripture claims that one should love his/her neighbor as he/she loves himself/herself while In the Hindu religion, it tells you, you are your neighbor. In Hindu religion, the actual words from God, “I” is an ultimate illusion not reality as in Christianity.
  • In Hindu religion, hell is considered as an illusion, since individuality is illusion making free will also an illusion. If free will is an illusion so is sin and if sin is an illusion so is hell, while Christianity believes in the existence of hell where God will administer punishment to sinners on His return to take His nation.
  • Christian believe in the act of sin and also the act of salvation which is an illusion among the Hindu religion, since if sin is an illusion so is salvation. Hindus believe only in enlightenment, Hindu religion believes not in salvation, being born again rather believe in waking up to your innate divinity. Hindus believe that if one is part of God then he/she cannot be alienated from God by sin.
  • Christians believe in the story of the existence of body, matter, history and time, this is contrary to the Hindu religion who do not believe in the existence but instead believe in mystical experiences that lifts the spirits out of time and the world.
  • Hindus don’t believe in sanctity but instead mysticism. Mysticism is simply a matter of intellect, intuition, and consciousness. Christians believe in the sanctity of life, sanctity is simply a matter of will, doing according to God’s will willingly, loving God and your neighbor as you love yourself.
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  • In both religions, Judaism to be specific among the Christians, they offer animal sacrifices in times of repenting their sins, all animal sacrifices are done to appease God to have mercy to forgive their sins.
  • Christian scriptures have some similar content as in the Hindu sayings, both religions preach divine rules, commonly regarded as the commandments of righteousness. A failure to observe these commandments results in a penalty or punishment from God.
  •  Research shows that most Christian rites have been borrowed from the Hindu practices and rituals, commonly known as the Vedic among the Hindus.
  • Hindu religion is mostly considered the religion of many gods but people fail to realize that Hindu religion is also monotheistic, this is because Hindus don’t view their gods as independent but as one entity, as emanations of one spirit, the same spirit that brings them together, this makes it similar to the Christian religion.
  • In India there several Mother Mary temples that are dedicated to her worship, this is similar to the Catholics among the Christian groups, they believe in Holy Mary Mother of God and always dedicate prayers in the worship of Mother Mary. 
  • Christianity has sacred tools that are also in the Hindu religion. Christians have Incense, sacred bread is commonly known as Prasadam, this is similar to the ornamental decoration on buildings and also the rosary is like the Malas in Hindu bear similarities in each religion.
  • The birth of Christ and also the Birth of Krishna have similarities that merge the two religions together. Both were born of virgin mothers, both were of a holy trinity, both had spirit fathers, both were visited by shepherds and wise men following a star, among many other similarities.

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