How many times Lord Krishna shows vishwaroop in Mahabharat

Lord Krishna is the avatar(incarnation) of Lord Vishnu and has every one of the powers as Lord Vishnu. If you read Mahabharata, you will come to realize that his activities on different occasions demonstrated that he is the manifestation of Vishnu. As a divine being, he has taken different troops at an alternate time. 

VISHWAROOP was shown just a single time to Arjun during the Bhagavad Gita. Be that as it may, Sri Krishna has various astronomical structures which he shows to various individuals as per the circumstance. 

The different structures and where and to whom he showed them in the Mahabharat is shown below: 

  • Yashoda: She was shown a vision of the whole universe inside child Krishna’s mouth 
  • 100 Kings caught by Jarasandh: When Bhim executed Jarasandh with Krishna’s direction, these 100 lords were liberated and shown the heavenly ‘Chaturbhuj’ (4 equipped type) of Krishna 
  • Sage Muchukunda: After crushing Kalyavan’s evil presence with the assistance of Sage Muchukund, Krishna showed him the ‘Chaturbhuj’ structure. 
  • Hastinapur sabha: When on a harmony mission from the Pandavas to the Kauravs, Sri Krishna showed his ‘Virat-Swarup, to alarm and persuade the sabha individuals to acknowledge his tranquility offer. 
  • Arjun and Sanjay charioteer: In the Bhagavad Gita he was shown the total Vishvarupa of Krishna 

Now let’s examine every one of the structures in detail. 

Sanjay as chariot

Various Roopa of Lord Krishna 


Yashoda was the supportive mother of child Krishna. Krishna’s organic guardians were hostage in the prison of King Kansa. 

At some point, child Krishna was perched on the riverbanks as his mom went to some assignment in the stream. Exhausted, the child Krishna began scooping fistfuls of mud into his mouth. At the point when Yashoda saw him, she was stunned and irate. She took the kid home and began washing his mouth. 

She advised Krishna to open his mouth so she could clean out the soil. Krishna rejected. At last, when he opened his mouth, Yashoda saw the whole universe inside. She saw the 9 planets, twirling stars, and heavenly visuals. She was entranced. Be that as it may, abruptly, the grandiose vision evaporated, and all she recalled was her child having eaten mud. 

100 Kings caught by Jarasandh 

Further down the road, when Krishna developed more seasoned and set up the island-realm of Dwarka, he was the foe of an amazing Shiva-fan lord named Jarasandh. Sometime later, Krishna propelled his cousin Yudhisthir to conduct the Rajasuya yagna. Any way for its prosperity, he would need to vanquish the entirety of Bharatvarhsa’s lords including Jarasandh. 

Krishna, and Yudhisthir siblings Bhim and Arjun went to Jarasandh and tested him. With the direction of Krishna, Bhim had the option to crush him at a wrestling match, and even execute Jarasandh. Jarasandh had 100 rulers in his imprisonment, which he planned to forfeit to Shiva in return for the shelter of power. Krishna requested the arrival of these caught lords and showed them his ‘Chaturbhuj’ structure, having 4 arms holding a conch shell, mace, lotus, and Sudarshan chakra disk. 

Sage Muchukunda 

Muchkund was a ruler of the Solar tradition who aided Lord Indra in overcoming the evil presences in a long fight. Tired, he requested the aid of resting without being upset. Muchkund was given a cavern to stay in bed and he was honored to see a dream of God when he arose. Krishna realized that the best way to overcome a foe of his named Kalyavan was not by the utilization of weapons. Krishna escaped the combat zone and baited Kalyavan into Muchukund’s cavern. 

Kalyavan thought he saw Krishna dozing inside the cavern when truly it was Muchukund. At the point when Kalyavan kicked Muchkund thinking he was Krishna, the lord arose and the force which had gathered inside his eyes (since he had them shut for a long time while he rested) consumed Kalyavan to remain. Clarifying the occasions and what his identity was, Krishna expressed gratitude toward Muchukund for executing Kalyavan. At that point, as guaranteed by the divine beings, Krishna showed him his heavenly structure—the ‘Chaturbhuj’. 

Hastinapur Sabha 

War was nearly proclaimed between the Pandav rulers and Kaurav sovereigns of Hastinapur because of a long question between them. Krishna was on the Pandavas because of their uprightness. Anyway, to evade the annihilation of a conflict, he chose to go on a harmonious mission to Hastinapur, to attempt to persuade the fiendish Kaurav rulers to acknowledge a harmony offer. Notwithstanding, when Krishna introduced his contentions in the Hastinapur sabha, nobody had the option to persuade the underhanded Duryodhan (oldest Kaurav) to settle. At long last, Duryodhan intended to catch Krishna as a discipline. 

In a last endeavor to alarm Duryodhan from the way of insidiousness, Krishna uncovered his vast structure—the ‘Virat Swarup in which he contained inside him the whole multitudes of Dwarka, the Pandavs, the divine beings, the planets, and other heavenly bodies. He had a great many arms and different weapons. Krishna even offered sight to the visually impaired lord of Hastinapur with the goal that he may observe this inestimable structure as well. Anyway, the difficult Duryodhan considered it a wizardry stunt and wound up passing on in the conflict. 

Arjun, and Sanjay charioteer in the Bhagavad Gita 

This is the most important form. 

Not long before the conflict between the Pandavs and Kauravs, the third Pandav Arjun, who was additionally an extraordinary bowman and Krishna’s closest companion, asked Krishna (who was Arjun’s charioteer) if this conflict was moral. 

Lord krishna in Rath with Arjuna

Krishna uncovered the Vedic shrewdness and theory to Arjun attempting to persuade him to battle the battle for equity. Consequently, exchange between the two came to be known as the Bhagavad Gita. This discourse was likewise caught by Sanjay, the charioteer of Hastinapur best who was provided divine sight to portray the conflict’s occasions to his lord. 

During this philosophical talk, Krishna uncovers to Arjun his Vishwarup—his definitive vast structure. In this, Arjun sees the whole universe, every one of its kind, divine beings, weapons, components as a piece of Krishna. Krishna has a large number of arms, a great many heads and his structure is both frightening and excellent. Arjun gets scared and requests that Krishna return to his typical human structure. 

Sanjaya gets an opportunity to see Vishal Roopa

Because of Arjuna, Sanjaya additionally finds the opportunity to see this room as he gets Divya Drishti from Rishi Vyasa. Krishna says to Arjuna that prior additionally he has shown this Roopa to Surya and Ishwaku. Appearing to Surya implies every one individual dwelling at swargaloka finds the opportunity to see Vishwaroopa. Ishwaku was a Mahapratapi lord in the group of Suryavansham beginning from treta yuga and proceeded in the diaper yuga 


So after reading this article, we can conclude that Lord Krishna has shown his Vishwaroopa one time however, he showed other forms in various other instances.

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