Thaipusam, Hindu festival in Tamilnadu

Hindu religion is known for various occasions and festivals that are celebrated with great annoyance and enthusiasm. Despite fond of observing festivals, Hindus owe their culture and pay proper respect and devotion in remitting their prayers and penance. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is one among the spiritual event being observed not only by Tamils but also people all around the world wish to celebrate. Particularly, In Malaysia, the event is observed very grandly with earnest devotion and religious thoughts. People throughout the world visit the Batu Caves and worship the Lord of war called Lord Muruga or Lord Subramanian on this special day. Moreover, the festival is observed with traditional value and faith at Tamil Nadu preferably in Chennai. This is the day for paying the long-standing penance and respect to the god.


Cause of the event                              

Hindu religion is well versed in the mythological stories recommending the worship of God at all time. Based on Hindu Mythology, ‘’Thaipoosam,’’ is named after the combination of the Tamil month ‘’Thai’’ together with the zodiac star ‘’Poosam’’. It is believed astrologically that the star retains its hike position on a particular day. In other terms, ‘’Thaipoosam’’ and its combined events are known to take place on the ‘’full moon’’ day. In literal, Tamil people call it ‘’Pournami’’ that falls on the Tamil month ’’THAI’’ the first full moon of the year. This is the observed event or to recall that Goddess Parvathi giving the weapon ‘’the vel’’ to Lord Murugan to defeat or kill the demon ‘’Tharakasuran’’.

Rise of demon

Once saints and priests were tortured a lot by the powerful demon named as ‘’Tharakasuran’’. All the supporting heavenly beings start complaining about the atrocities of the demon to the superpower Gods Lord Shiva and Parvathi. They decided to give birth to a little boy to defeat the demon in terms of preaching the goodness and kind to the world. Lord Shiva offered Muruga more weapons that are empowered defeating the ‘’asuran’’. But later Goddess Parvathi came forward giving ‘’The Vel’’ to the little boys Muruga. Henceforth, Lord Muruga is named after his mother as ‘’Sakthivel’’. With the help of the ‘’Shakthi vel’’, Lord Muruga faced the ghost and undergone a tough war that ends up with the demise or fall of the demon.

Festival Celebration

Fall of evil

Hence forth, the vel being the root cause for the defeat of the ghost and the day that was presented to Lord Muruga was observed as a day of victory. Thus, ‘’Thaipoosam’’ began to follow as the best day for worship. ‘’Shakthivelan’’ that is Lord Muruga is bestowed by his parents all about the details of ‘’Tharakasuran’’ and the best way of defeating and killing the same evil soul. Even today, ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is observed as a day that shines as a sign of victory.

Hindu religion does not preach the superstitious thought and belief among the devotees but it finds relate the evil demon to the evil soul of Human being and to kill the evilness from the mind. The stories of Hindu Mythologies are nothing but to educate the human being towards the unity and equality. People kill the evil and sinful thoughts with the help of the Holy Spirit and assistance of almighty.

Rituals and penance

As already told many times in the article, ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is the festival of joy, paying penance to the answered prayers and all. Devotees are paying their esteemed offerings in the name of the burden or ‘’kavadi’’ or piercing the bodies with hooks, swords, and skewers, etc. Devotional burden dance known as ‘’kavadi attam’’ in Tamil is the familiar spiritual attitude revealed by the devotees out of excited hyperactivity. This means of paying the penance by harming themselves are extremely hyper and based on the depth of devotion. Most of them are anticipating ‘’Thaipoosam’’ all over the year and they pay their devotion continuously year by year without fail.

Some other followers are there who remit their offerings in the form of gratitude to their beloved God of war, Lord Subramanya by carrying the Milk pot over their head to the destined place of worship. Most of the devotees are bestowed to take a parade towards the place of worship and they undergo strictly and continued fast for the 24 hours before worship. They are destined to prepare themselves for about 48 days to visit the place of worship. Of Course! The place of worship varies throughout the world but regarding the article Chennai, Tamil Nadu is concentrated much and devotees prepare themselves to make a cavalcade towards the place of worship around Tamil Nadu.

Place of worship


Chennai the Capital City of Tamil Nadu owns numerous temples aspiring Lord Muruga as main God of worship. Natives of Chennai and surrounding areas are supposed to visit the temple around the City utilizing strict spiritual preparation. People willing to pay their gratitude and thanks to their beloved God and for their answered prayers are coming forward with full-fledged preparation.

Those who simply take a parade towards the place of worship on the day of ‘’Thaipoosam’’ do not indulge themselves fasting but pay attention towards their God. This type of people is mostly elder and older people those who are not able to harm themselves. Whereas certain class of people are much aggressive and dedicate themselves with the piercing of hooks, skewers and shouldering the burden along with. They march-past towards the temple along with piercing belongings and this is something excited beyond the normalcy.

Those people or devotees pay their offerings with carrying the milk pots over their head and March towards the temple to worship the Lord of war. While people differ based on their extremity they all are intended to pay their gratitude for their answered prayers. Some other categories are there that they simply carry out any of the above practices as a token of Love despite them never instead.

Temples in Chennai and Tamil Nadu

Number of temples is situated all around Tamil Nadu and specifically in Chennai. Lord Muruga is statured everywhere and prone to worship by Tamil people and people around the world. Six main temples are considered as the important venue for worshiping the God of war in Tamil Nadu. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is observed very much grander in these six temples and other temples of Tamil Nadu.

Temples of Lord Muruga (Arupadai veedu)

Arupadai veedu represents unique importance associated to Lord Muruga in varying reason and stages right from birth. These temples are situated in different locations of Tamil Nadu and they are:

  • Swamimalai
  • Palamuthirsolai
  • Thiruparangundram
  • Thiruthanigai
  • Thiruchendur
  • Pazhani

The above mentioned temples are important land of worship that carries unique reason for its location. Beginning right from the birth till the ceremony of marriage, there is separate land of worship for Lord Subramanya.


it is the place that explains the intelligence of Lord Muruga teaching his father about the meaning to the ‘’Pranavam’’. Once, there arise a conflict about who knows the meaning for ‘’Pranavam’’. After all the chaos, little champ Muruga came forward preaching his father, Almighty of the world, Lord Shiva. Correct and aesthetic meaning to ‘’Pranavam’’ was led by Little Muruga and admire the world along with entire world. Swamimalai stands as representing the intelligence of Lord Muruga. It is the place of worshiping Little Muruga.


Divine and spiritual motivation and vibration is felt there at Palamuthirsolai and the spot is being the second spot among six important Land of worships. Just like other events, ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is very much observed with great interest.


This spot is third and most important land for worshiping the War for God. It is only there at; Lord Muruga took a new identity with six different faces along with differing weapons for war. Hence, the praising Lord is named as ‘’Shanmugan’’ a Sanskrit terminology meaning six faces of Lord. ‘’Shan’’ means the number six whereas the ‘’Mugan’’ is understood as face. The God took various means of measures to retrovert the ghost rather to make a war against but the ghost never turn up unless he died of by Lord Muruga. Thiruchendur is located at the south end of Tamil Nadu and the sea facing temple is the land mark where the war between the good and bad powers took place. At this place, another spiritual event ‘’Kanda Shashti’’ is being observed by the devotees of Lord Muruga every year. Six day festival is observed as the continuation of Diwali. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is the main observance and being aspired by devotees, even today.


The land of consoling the anger after defeating the demon ‘’Tharakasuran’’ is Thiruthanigai. The anger is drained off at the place and the Lord Muruga has undergone rituals to free from committed the sin of killing. Soon after the draining of anger, the arrangements for conducting the marriage begins over to Thiruparangundram. A higher grade of celebration is carried away here at Thiruthanigai for the special cause of ‘’Thaipoosam’’.



At once the ghost had been defeated and retrieved back to Lord Muruga, there occurs the wedding ceremony of Lord of war to the princess of Heaven named ‘’Devasena’’.  Ruler of Heaven kept his promise by offering his beloved daughter as a token of gratitude to marry Lord Shanmugan. The wedding ceremony of Lords held at the holy place ‘’Thiruparangundram’’. As the fairies and Gods of world gathered at the wedding ceremony and praised the wedding couple. Even today, the wedding ceremony is prompted ever after the ‘’Kanda Shashti’’ yearly. Thiruparangundram is located near the temple City, Madurai and highlights the worship of God in the wedding pose most of the days. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is also observed as it is considered as one of the important events for Lord Muruga. Some people conflict and put forth a debate that ‘’Thaipoosam’’ to be the birthday of Lord Muruga. However, the event is observed as spear offering ceremony. 


Place is where drama held for denial of fruit of knowledge to the Lord by his father the Almighty. A very popular story tale narrated by the mid wives of Tamil Nadu highlighting the stubborn of Lord Muruga and his attitude over to his parents for denying the fruit of knowledge. Once Lord Shiva called upon the divine children and asked them to led a race to go around the world thrice quickly. The successor will be honored with the fruit of knowledge aspired by Lord Shiva. The younger sibling could not lead the race as his elder one won the race by praising the parents rather go around the world instead. Out of anger and been fooled little one left heaven marching towards earth. The place He landed is named after the fruit of knowledge and hence ‘’Pazhani’’. The temple is situated in hills and is renowned for all the festivals related to Lord Muruga. Particularly, ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is observed at Pazhani in grander manner. The rituals and penance are offered by the devotees and the temple is busy with the day to day happening.

Thus, the above said temples are known very well all around Tamil Nadu. Panchamirtham is the sweet prasadham offered to the God and distributed to the devotees. Offering ‘’Shakthi vel’’ to the little boy to face the war and its consequential steps attributed to defeat of worse demon. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is the best known festival observed not only at the six temples above but all other temples all around the world. Even over the seas, Lord Muruga has devotees ready to pay penance and rituals. For instance: Malaysia. Batu Caves.

Leaving behind the important six temples, the temples at Chennai are known for ‘’Thaipoosam’’ festival and just like the other festivals. Below is the list of temples arranged orderly highlighting the importance of ‘’Thaipoosam’’ yearly without fail.

Vadapazhani Muruga Temple

The temple is though situated in Chennai, it is considered as the northern place that is empowered equally that of the other six temples. The reason for the name is explained as ‘’Vada’’ the northern part likely the Pazhani is the suffix goes along. Simply resembling the Temple Pazhani by all means it is reported that the temple does more than 7000 marriages every year. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is well noticed and observed in the temple running the golden car inside the temple. Other than this, many important dates are highlighted in Vadapazhani temple.

Kundrathur Muruga temple

The temple is very oldest and familiar temple that the civilian residing at Chennai are visiting the temple every Friday or some other dates. According to belief, Lord Muruga stayed on the hills of Kundrathur while he marches toward Thiruthanigai starting at Thiruporur. The temple is being the exact point for witnessing the marriages. Certain rules and regulations are followed while conducting a marriage at the Kundrathur Muruga temple. Offerings to God is simply being the panjamirtham, a sweet made with the help of five different fruits and jaggery along with ghee for flavor and taste. Even today the temple is being the best place of worship the god.  Distributing Food as the offering is very commonly happening in the temple.

Siruvapuri Balamurugan Temple

The temple is located and identified as the best spot for visiting again and again. Five centennials are completed praising the Lord Muruga and his gratitude. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is celebrated very joyfully and the whole event is empowered by the trustee. Offering food in the name as prasadham includes Panchamirtham and other sprouts.


From the above set of Muruga temples, it is noted that Lord Muruga is situated everywhere in Tamil Nadu. ‘’Thaipoosam’’ is the very familiar and renowned occasion that is being observed by the temples all around Tamil Nadu. Devotees are asked to visit varied temples and get known the ancient and aesthetic value of the same. Probably, Tamil Nadu being the land of origin to Lord Muruga, there are millions of Devotees throughout the world.
Malaysia stands next to Tamil Nadu and is the Country with devotional followers that never miss even single time of visiting Temple at the day of ‘’Thaipoosam’’. Other than Malaysia, many Asian and European Countries are abode by the rules of Tamil Morals.

When is the Thaipoosam next year?

The answer to the question is brought out with the help of the Internet. The devotees are asked to surf through the familiar sites that give proper details all about the ‘’Thaipoosam’’. According to that, ‘’Thaipoosam’’ falls on 22nd of January for the year 2020. This means of the online source will help devotees giving the original and genuine truth just like the Panchangam. The book that is usually read by astrologers and the elders of the family, as well, is renewed every year. Tamil and mostly Hindu religious thoughts are related to human well being. Even non- Hindu people swear about the power of Lord Muruga and keep on visiting the temple frequently and in according to visit the temple, proper arrangements are needed to settle down probably the pans that reach Place out of Tamil Nadu. The article is hopefully useful to readers so that the details of ‘’Thaipoosam’’.

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