What are the 7 Vows/Promises/Phere/Rounds of Hindu Marriage?

Hindu Marriage System

Hindus in today’s world especially in India have glorified marriage in a rich/expensive manner. In the male-centric culture of Rig Vedic Hindus, marriage was considered as a religious union, and this kept on being so during the whole time frame. In the Shastric Hindu law, marriage has been viewed as one of the basic sanskaras (a holy tradition for each Hindu). Each Hindu must marry. For a Hindu marriage is basic, not just for bringing forth a child so as to release his responsibility to the ancestors, yet additionally for the execution of different strict and serious responsibilities. The establishment of marriage is viewed as holy even by the individuals who see it as a common agreement. 

Hindu marriage

Spouse is the ardhangini (half of man) as per Satapatha Brahmana “The wife is verily the half of the husband. Man is just half, not complete until he weds.” The Taittiriya Samhita is to a similar impact. Manu spoke that common constancy among a couple was the most formal dharma. As indicated by Mahabharata, prizing the lady one for all goals and purposes values the Goddess of flourishing herself. A spouse under Hindu law isn’t just a “grahpatni,” yet, in addition, a “dharma patni” and “shadharmini.” The wife is her significant other’s best of companions. She is the wellspring of Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. The spouse is known as Bharti. He should defend his better half. He is otherwise called pati in light of the fact that he should uphold her. 

Marriage Attributes

The holy part of marriage under Hindu law has three attributes: 

  1. That it is a ceremony association, which implies that marriage isn’t to satisfy one’s physical needs; however is basically implied for the presentation of strict and serious responsibilities.
  2. The religious association suggests that a marriage once entered can’t be broken down on any ground at all. 
  3. And a religious association likewise implies that it is an association of soul, body, and brain. It is an association for this life, yet for all lives to come. The association isn’t just for this world, yet additionally for different universes. 

Seven/7 vows or promises or phere our rounds

Hindu relationships are profoundly established in the rich Indian culture just as the history that we as a whole have been told sooner or later or the other in our lives. The Seven Pheras likewise knowns as “Saptapadi” is one of the customer services during a wedding which is performed alongside the serenades of a Pandit dependent on the Hindu sacred writings where the lady of the hour and lucky man need to take seven rounds around the fire. It is accepted that the God Agni dwells in the sacred fire that connected the union and responsibility of the lady and husband to be who take seven promises in his quality. 

While written in Sanskrit, four of the seven promises are recounted by the lucky man while the remaining three by the women. Hindu marriage customs are fragmented with the notice of Saath Pheras and the couple isn’t viewed as married till they complete this service.

Hindu 7 steps

These 7 promises are referred to as a stay to strengthen the couple up through all the great and difficult periods together. Any Hindu marriage will be left denied without these promises and pledges that each couple makes to each other in their marriage! 

1. Supplication to the Lord for arrangement and care 

The couple, with the lady of the hour starting to lead the pack looks for spiritual endowments as pure, feeding, and solid food alongside an aware and respected life. The husband makes the vow to adjust the government assistance and bliss for his significant other and kids, and the lady of the hour vows to happily and similarly shoulder all the responsibilities regarding the man and his family. 

2. Quality in disorder, wellbeing, great occasions or awful 

The couple claims together to the Almighty to favor them with mental, physical, and magical happiness. The husband to be while mentioning the lady to remain by him always makes a pledge to ensure and give security to their family. The lady of the hour consents to be his quality while requesting full focus and everlasting adoration. 

Hindu marriage bride

3. Flourishing 

While taking the third pledge, the couple looks for prosperity and flourishing with the goal that they can carry on with an agreeable and fulfilling life. They likewise promise to deal with their youngsters and instruct them. In the same Phera, the couple guarantees each other that will stay faithful to one another for the remainder of their lives.

4. Families, to remain by them through various challenges 

During this round, the lucky man thanks the lady for getting satisfaction and purity in his life. While consequently, the lady promises to serve and please the husband to be as well as could be expected. Together, the couple takes a promise to deal with and regard the older folks in their family. 

5. Offspring 

The significance of the fifth promise is to look for endowments for their future offspring. While speaking to the god for strong and good children, the couple likewise pleas God for the government assistance of the obvious amount of living creatures in this Universe. They guarantee that as mothers and fathers they will be fully responsible for the childhood of their kids. This is likewise the progression beginning in which the lucky man starts to lead the pack. 

Hindu marriage custom

6. Wellbeing, through the illness, and in good 

In the 6th pledge, the lady of the hour and the lucky man together invoke the Almighty to favor them with a sound and malady free life. The husband makes a desire where he wants that his significant other would fill his existence with happiness and peace; while the lady gives an oath to the lucky man that she would actively take an interest with him in the fullness of his honorable and awesome acts. 

7. Devotion and kinship 

While taking the last promise, the couple pleads for a durable relationship, increased with affection, understanding, and allegiance. They make a vow to remain companions always and remain by one another in this life as well as in the numerous lives to come.

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