What are the traditional musical instruments of India?

India is one such nation where workmanship and culture are a major aspect of individuals’ lives, and music by a long shot tops the rundown. Regardless of whether it is an unscripted TV drama or a show, the group and watchers give an unmistakable sign that India is a place where there is music. Individuals in India have been loving Goddess Saraswati, who is known for information and shrewdness of music since days of yore. From the Vedic age till today, traditional music has consistently supported and had an essential influence in embellishment on the excursion of Indian music.

On antiquated occasions, melodic meetings were directed in the ruler’s court where music was acted in a vainglorious manner. Today individuals in various corners of the world observe the fragrance of the Indian old-style music through different shows performed by maestros in Indian traditional music. A basic aspect of Indian traditional music is the Indian old-style music instruments. These instruments have given us vital music as well as numerous renowned Indian performers who have spoken to India on the world stage. Today in this blog we will examine the rundown of Indian instruments alongside their photos.

List of traditional Musical Instruments

1. Sitar

Sitar is one of the most mainstream Indian old-style music instruments.

Sitar Music Instrument Description


The instrument is gourd formed at the base which goes about as the resonator upheld by a long neck. The neck comprises 7 ropes, 20 metal frets, and 13 strings beneath the frets. The frets are utilized to change the melodic notes though the strings known as thoughtful strings are utilized for tuning the notes.

The melodic notes are essential for the Ragas in Indian music. There is a wide assortment of Ragas, each with its arrangement of examples and rules as characterized by the School of Indian music. The instruments should be tuned to the notes of the Ragas combined with Tala or the cadenced beats.

Renowned Sitar Music Artists in Indian

Eminent sitar players who have set up themselves playing sitar are Pt. Ravi Shankar, Ustad Abdul Halim Zaffar Khan, and some more.

2. Flute

At whatever point we articulate or envision the flute, the principal picture that flies into our brain is the picture of Lord Krishna and the song which is related to the instrument. Subsequently, it demonstrates the significance of woodwind which is related to Indian music since the days of yore.

Flute Music Instrument Description


Woodwind is one of the sweet Indian instruments popular in both north and south Indian states. The instrument had been played by artists from old occasions. It is formed like a chamber with openings in the middle. The openings are huge in shifting the sound pitch. They adjust the sound recurrence to make diverse musical tunes.

The performers hold the flute on a level plane marginally slanted downwards with both their hands. They control the notes and the tunes by then again covering the openings with their fingers. The flutes are accessible in various sizes.

Well known Flute Music Instrument Artists in India

Pt Pannalal Ghosh and Pt Hari Prashad Chaurasia are considered the best custodian of woodwind playing in India.

3. Shehnai

Shehnai is a customary Indian instrument where one can hear the pleasant music in events like relationships and sanctuary parades.

Shehnai Music Instrument Description

Shehnai is one of the famous Indian instruments pervasive generally in the northern part of India. The instrument is viewed as favorable, played generally as a standard convention during relationships, and any strict events. Its awesome tune makes a captivating environment, entrancing the crowd with its sweet solid.

The instrument is cone formed at the front with a long tightening end. Like the flute, Shenai likewise has openings to control the sound recurrence and melodic notes. The artists hold the instrument in front, blowing air through the tightened end, covering the openings on the other hand with their fingers.

Renowned Shehnai Music Instrument Artists in India

Ustad Bismillah Khan is the unparalleled maestro of the Shehnai.

4. Tabla

The most famous instrument utilized in North India is the Tabla.

Tabla Music Instrument Description

Tabla is the most mainstream instrument in India. It has been amazing in a few movie exhibitions, shows, and even films. Numerous noticeable traditional Indian artists have executed their stupendous aptitudes be it solo or be in move dramatizations, at the beats of Tabla. Indian performers favor being joined by Tabla in practically the entirety of their presentations.

The instrument is made of wood and has 2 sections. There are surprises both for tuning and lining up with the melodic notes. A little mallet is utilized by the artists to hit gradually the edges of both the parts to make the correct rope. Each part has a round dark spot in the center. The performers utilize the fingers of both the hands to strike the head of the table and execute the supernatural beats.

Acclaimed Tabla Music Instrument Artists in India

Zakir Husain is the prestigious personae related to Tabla.

5. Harmonium

The harmonium is a conventional and mainstream instrument of India.

Harmonium Music Instrument Description

Harmonium is one of the most seasoned conventional Indian instruments, prevalently utilized by the greater part of the artists and entertainers as the initial move towards their music educational plan. It takes after a console. The instrument is only from time to time played, typically with other instruments or played by the entertainers. It is well known both in North and South India.

The instrument comprises keys to play the melodic notes and roars for driving the air recurrence. It is rectangular molded with the keys taken after that of a piano. The keys are played with the correct hand and the roars are changed with the left hand.

6. Jaltarangam

Jaltarangam Music Instrument Description

Jaltarangam comprises a lot of eighteen porcelain cups of differing sizes. The cups are masterminded before the entertainer, arranged by size. The biggest cup is kept on the left half of the entertainer and the more modest one is set on the right-hand side. Water has filled these cups and the pitch is changed by changing the measure of water in the cup. The cups are hit with two slim bamboo sticks.

Popular Jaltarangam Music Instrument Artists in India

Milind Tulanka

7. Algoza

It is an instrument that is kicking the bucket in the new India.

Algoza Music Instrument Description

Utilized predominantly in the music that begins from Sindh, Rajasthan, Punjab, and Baloch, Algoze stays famous in society music. In any case, we see less and less of it in standard music. It is a woodwind like an instrument with two wooden lines, connected through a string. The quantity of openings on each line differs. One woodwind is utilized for the the the tune, while different plays drone. It is played by keeping three fingers on each side of the reed and blowing air into it. As of late, it has increased a lot of adoration in the UK to take into account the Punjabi populace living there.

Well known Algoza Music Instrument Artists in India

(Late) Ustad Khamiso Khan, Gurmeet Bawa, (Late) Ustad Misri Khan Jamali.

8. Ravanahatha

That would one say one is a fascinating name, right?

Ravanahatha Music Instrument Description

It is an instrument that discovers its foundations in Rajasthan. On the off chance that legend is to be accepted, at that point this instrument was first established, manufactured, and utilized by the Hela people group during the ancient occasions of King Ravana. It includes a bowl-like structure produced using the empty of a coconut which is secured by goatskin. A stick made out of bamboo is connected to this bowl. There are two strings-one of which is produced using steel and the other is produced using horsehair. Little ringers with different bits of gems are regularly fixed along with the bamboo stick. Some state that this instrument was brought to North India by Lord Hanuman, after the fight at Lanka was finished. It has an incredible part to play in legendary history.

Popular Ravanahatha Music Instrument Artists in India

Dinesh Subhasinghe

9. Mridangam

It is an essential backup of Carnatic music.

Mridangam Music Instrument Description

Mridangam discovers a place in old sanctuaries, music, psalms, and compositions, particularly in South India. It is a twofold sided drum produced using jackfruit wood which is known to be thick. The two open finishes are secured with goatskin and cowhide ties are tied around the outline to fix them. As per Hindu folklore, Lord Ganesha and Nandi are said to have played this to go with Lord Shiva’s Tandava. The word Mridangam is derived from two distinct words, Mrida-significance earth, and Anga-meaning appendage/part, and in prior days the instrument was made out of these materials.

Well known Mridangam Instrument Artists in India

Nagercoil Ganesa Iyer, Palana Subramaniam Pillai, Palghat Mani Iyer, Palghat R. Raghu

10. Sarangi

This instrument shapes a significant piece of Hindustani music.

Sarangi Music Instrument Description

It is accepted that Sarangi consists of two words-Sar, signifying “quintessence”, and Ang, signifying “appendage/part”. Another hypothesis likewise says that Sarangi is derived from “sol rang”, which essentially implies a hundred tones. It is a square-like structure with three empty chambers, specifically, pet, chat, and manage. The pet is the lower chamber and is secured with goatskin, on which a considered strip calfskin is put. There are three fundamental playing strings in this instrument, and players use fingertips, nails, and encompassing tissue to play them. In addition to the fact that this is hard to play, yet additionally hard to ace.

Renowned Sarangi Instrument Artists in India

Slam Narayan, Dhruba Ghosh, Surinder Sandhu, AR Rahman

11. Panchavadyam

In the exacting sense, it signifies “a symphony of five instruments”.

Panchavadyam Music Instrument Description

The five instruments remembered for this one of a kind outfit are similar, mandala, Latham, idakka, and kombu, where just kombu is a breeze instrument, and all others are percussion. It comprises a pyramid-like cadenced structure, which continues expanding in rhythm. It is a sanctuary artistic expression that one can discover transcendently in South India, all the more explicitly in Kerala. The presentation goes on for around two hours, and has specialists of each instrument sitting in an oval. The craftsmen utilize individual acts of spontaneity to carry oddity to the fine art. Playing Panchavadyam isn’t a simple errand, and requires a lot of devotion and tolerance from the craftsman.


Venkichan Swami, Madhava Warrier, Annamamada Achutha Marar


India is a sensational nation maintaining the soul of music from old occasions. A few music maestros have embellished the Indian subcontinent with their selective abilities and aptitudes. They have imparted a feeling of pride and loftiness inside individuals dwelling in the nation. Be that as it may, their prosperity and popularity is to a great extent reliant on the amiability and the cadenced beats of the Indian instruments going with them in their melodic excursion.

The instruments improve the pleasantness and tune of the tunes sung by the specialists. The instruments are intended to make cadenced examples that oversee the tune arrangement and the beast. In India music is separated into two standards – Hindustani common in North India and Carnatic of South India. Both have their very own special attribute affected by the rulers and traditions ruling the locale.


People also ask

Which of the observing musical tools is of Indian ancestry?

The sarod is a moderately new instrument to South Asia, has been around for under 200 years. The sarod is a culled stringed instrument with a skin-shrouded resonator and thoughtful strings. Like the sitar, it is essentially utilized in Hindustani music and is joined by the tabla.

Which is the most ancient instrument of India?

The veena contains a group of chordophone instruments from the Indian subcontinent. Old instruments advanced into numerous varieties, for example, lutes, zithers, and curved harps.

What are the 5 types of musical instruments?

The incredible lion’s share of instruments falls promptly into one of six significant classifications: bowed strings, woodwind, metal, percussion, console, and the guitar family, the initial four of which structure the premise of the cutting edge ensemble symphony.

Which is the first musical instrument?

Analysts have recognized what they state are the most seasoned known instruments on the planet. The flutes, produced using fledgling bone and mammoth ivory, originated from a collapse southern Germany which contains an early proof for the control of Europe by present-day people – Homo sapiens.

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