What family values can we learn from Ramayana?

The Ramayana isn’t only a story, yet additionally, an instructive medium to exhibit the significance of qualities like adoring and regarding your family, staying faithful to your obligations, ensuring the frail, etc. Any parent can utilize the showstopper of Hindu folklore, the Ramayana, as a medium to show their group esteems and morals here. 

The Ramayana is probably the best epic of Hindu Mythology. Composed by the Hindu sage Valmiki. It is a medium utilized by the old sages to embrace the significance of doing your dharma (obligation) seeing someone. The Ramayana portrays characters that we ought to try to resemble, like the ideal dad, ideal child, ideal sibling, ideal pioneer, ideal spouse, and so on…

The Ramayana and Mahabharata particularly, lecture a lot of qualities that we would need our relatives to guzzle. 

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Sibling Relationships 

If you or anyone in your family has any siblings, center around the adoration the siblings had for one another. For what reason did Lakshman, who was utilized to every one of the common extravagances because of a ruler, choose to surrender the entirety of that intentionally to live with his senior sibling for a very long time of difficulty in the woods? Since he cherished his sibling and couldn’t bear the possibility of living 14 years without him. 

You can likewise show them the significance of supporting his kin with the case of Surpanakha. At the point when Surpanakha was offended by Lakshman, her siblings Khaara and Dooshan raced to retaliate for her not minding the way that it could prompt their demise. At the point when Rama and Lakshmana did vanquish her siblings, Surpanakha looked for her other sibling Ravana’s guide, setting the wheels for the excellent fight among Rama and Ravana, great and wickedness, into movement. 

In the present materialistic reality where questions between siblings are typical, stories like these should be lauded and rehashed time and. Guardians need to urge their children to invest energy with their siblings, yet additionally, remain standing for one another and be there for one another when required. Such profound love can be developed just when guardians support such development, and continue to accentuate the significance of affection among kin. 

Separating among Right and Wrong 

You can encourage your faction to pick directly over wrong in any event, when wrong may feel all the more right by giving him the case of Bharat, who was granted the honor of administering the powerful realm of Ayodhya. Bharat might have quite recently acknowledged the seat and the supreme force and extravagance that accompanied it however his feeling of good and bad would not allow him to do what most others would covetously do. All things being equal, after discovering that his mom Kaikeyi had unreasonably figured out how to get Rama ousted from Ayodhya, he quickly went into the timberland to search for Rama and offer him his legitimate position as leader of Ayodhya. So incredible was his commitment to his sibling thus solid was his longing to be reasonable and just, that when Rama would not re-visitation of Ayodhya before finishing his 14 years estranged abroad, Bharat set Rama’s footwear on the seat and controlled Ayodhya for the sake of Rama – as Rama’s messenger until he got back to recapture his legitimate position. 

This shows your tribe that regardless of whether something is amazingly alluring, he should possibly acknowledge it on the off chance that it is accomplished in an only way without harming or influencing any other individual in a baseless and low way. 

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The Value of a Promise 

Dashrath had allowed Kaikeyi two aids when she had saved his life in the combat zone. The day preceding Dashrath was to resign and crown his oldest child Rama as ruler, Kaikeyi requested that Dashrath award her the aid she wanted as guaranteed. Her first craving was that Rama ought to be banished to the woodland for a very long time, and the second, that her child, Bharat, be delegated King in his stead. Dashrath was normally shattered at the possibility of sending his child into ousting for a very long time, however for this respectable-hearted family, regarding one’s statement is the most elevated obligation. In any event, when Dashrath started to vacillate at the possibility of really finishing his guarantees because of his adoration for his originally conceived and begged Rama not to leave, Rama helped his dad to remember the estimation of a guarantee given and left Ayodhya to keep his dad’s statement. At the point when Bharat asked Rama to get back to Ayodhya, Rama by and by reminded Bharat that he couldn’t and would not disrespect his dad by breaking the guarantee he had made to Kaikeyi. 

On the off chance that Rama, a ruler who had been raised in the lap of extravagance and who remained to acquire a place of outright force and extravagance on the off chance that he ignored his dad’s guarantee, readily decided to carry on with an existence of outcast and difficulty for a very long time in a backwoods, what does it show our kin? It shows them not to discolor the estimation of their guarantee for little and irrelevant things like practicing good eating habits or completing their work, etc. 

Love and Respect for Parents 

Rama’s emphasis on keeping the guarantee made by his dad likewise shows the profound love and commitment that he had for his folks. He enthusiastically decided to go through 14 years estranged abroad in the woods to ensure his dad’s abundantly regarded honor. Such was the respect he paid to his dad. Dashrath too adored his group so profoundly that when Rama left for the woods, Dashrath couldn’t bear the possibility of being away from his child for a very long time and inhaled his last. 

This shows the affection and regard Rama had for his folks. He tuned in to each order his folks made, he regarded their guarantees and guaranteed that nobody could blame them for being out of line. He didn’t conflict with his folks’ desires even though being disregarded for the seat was unreasonable to the firstborn child of the leader of a strong realm. He complied with his folks and is deified for doing as such. It additionally features the adoration guardians have for their children. Ideally, the way that Dashrath passed on pining for his child will make them mindful of the connection you have for them and will make them more conscious of and more committed to you. 

Be careful with Bad Counsel 

Kaikeyi was in a general sense a well-intentioned lady, yet was persuaded to send Rama into the outcast and demand her child Bharat be delegated lord by the venomous advice of her housekeeper worker whom she thought about faithful and savvy. Manthara’s horrible plotting not just harmed Kaikeyi’s psyche into requesting those two shocking bits of help, yet also destroyed her life. She lost her dearest spouse to disaster and her child Bharat, for whom she requested those very shelters, chastised her for loathsome conduct. 

This is a vital exercise for your family. It instructs them to remain prepared for horrible guidance. It educates to be careful to try not to be misled. It trains them to be firm and not let their psyches get influenced effectively by individuals. It instructs them to scrutinize their conduct and think about the outcomes of their activities before settling on any large or little choices. 

Securing the Weak 

Jatayu, a matured mythical being as a vulture, seen Ravana abducting Sita and taking her powerfully to Lanka. Ignoring his mature age, Jatayu attempted to save Sita by battling Ravana courageously however fizzled. Rama and Lakshman went over him where he was lying breathing his last. Jatayu educated Rama about Sita’s whereabouts and Ravana’s arrangements before breathing his last. Moved to tears by the valor and mental fortitude of the matured Jatayu, Rama gave the bird its last rituals like the bird was his dad. 

This shows your youngsters that they should consistently defend the feeble. On the off chance that their companions start tormenting a more youthful one, your kid’s ethical code won’t permit him to simply hold on as a docile observer. The way that Jatayu was so old and still attempted to take on the amazing Ravana without any assistance, shows your faction to be valiant and be unafraid to take on any test that comes to his direction and achieve it as well as could be expected. 


Consequently, retell the Ramayana to your faction for its devotion, yet also because the showstopper shows your family to have solid ethics and carry on with an existence of exemplary nature. The Ramayana will enhance their lives and help you shape your relatives to be the heads of tomorrow with solid social and conventional impacts.

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