What happened to Kaikeyi after Rama’s exile?

Kaikeyi is King Dasaratha’s subsequent spouse, the mother of Bharata. Manthara is her insidious, scheming specialist. At the point when Manthara discovers that the seat is to be given to Rama, she sows the seeds of desire in Kaikeyi’s psyche and persuades her to utilize the two shelters conceded her by the King to drive him to rather put Bharata on the seat and outcast Rama to the timberland for a very long time.

Why Rama was sent to exile

Mata Kaikeyi was the most loved queen of lord dashrath. She embraced the duty of childhood for each of the four rulers – Rama, Laxmana, bharat, and Shatrughan. She just showed great standards of living to all siblings, for example, assisting all with people whether rich or poor, a wedding just a single lady and adoring her solitary, submitting to all guidelines of guardians and family members which are given to their benefit. In short, all master mama’s standards were instructed by sovereign Kartikeya as it were. 

Rajya sabha

One day ruler Rama met with a rishi who was master in deciding each individual’s motivation of birth, who perceived master Rama as god Vishnu’s manifestation. He clarified ruler Rama’s motivation of setting up a Ram Rajya in the whole world. 

Be that as it may, for this reason, to be accomplished ruler Rama has satisfied certain conditions set down in antiquated sacred writings, Vedas and upanishads, and according to same : 

  • The ruler must be liberated from all desires, outrage, and avarice for cash, realm, and should be an ideal dharma ruler! 
  • In addition to setting up Ram Rajya, he needs to comprehend the distress of poor and sick people and sages as well as of all creatures, birds, and animals, as in a Ram Rajya people and animals both carry on with a fulfilled and tranquil life! 
  • For this reason, the ruler should be away from his realm for a very long time, should live with creatures and birds and serve them cheerfully for a very long time, and should be in a condition of sanyasi for a very long time i.e 4 + 4 + 6 = 14 years.

Kaikeyi’s intention towards sending Rama to exile

Master Rama revealed this to his mom keikayi since around then mata kaushaliya(who brought forth ruler Rama) was in reflection and he would prefer not to upset her. Mata keikayi chose to help his child master Rama however she realized that his dad Dasaratha has Putra moh for ruler Rama, so he will never send his child to banish straightforwardly. Mother Keikogi was searching for the motivation to help his child and unexpectedly her servant came to clarify about Bharata’s life and different things as in the story… … This turned into a valid justification for Keiki to utilize the aids of ruler Dasaratha and helping master Rama to satisfy his life’s motivation. 

, ma, master,ster Rama was likewise in dilemma as to how he should leave his dad in pain. In any case, when he was requested to banish for precisely 14 years by mother keikayi’s aid to Dasaratha, he comprehended that mata kaikeyi has helped him. 

Likewise, instead of ruler Rama lord, Bharata will incidentally hold the seat of Ayodhya. 

This itself implies that master Rama ousted according to his desire and not on his dad’s straight one request. If mata kaikeyi was needed she would have conditioned her child Bharata against ruler Rama for the seat of Ayodhya like “Shakuni in Mahabharata” yet she didn’t do it as she needed to help his child and not destroy him.

What happened after Rama returned from the exile

Ruler Ram is God himself and in Ayodhya, everybody used to cherish him in various temperaments. Also, mother Kaushalya and Mother Kaikeyi used to cherish him as a youngster (nurturing love). So one day Lord Ram believed that I have manifested myself to kill Ravan and if I need to do that I need to leave Ayodhya. In any case, mother Kaushalya won’t ever consent to send me away. 

So one day Lord Ram himself went to mother Kaikeyi and took guarantee from her that whatever he will ask she will give him without denying him. So when she gave her statement he revealed to her that you need to send me to the woods so I can partner with sages in the woodland and could execute Ravan for which I have manifested myself on this planet. 

As a result of her magnanimous love, she consents to do that, and just for Ram’s pleasure, she did that. Her love for Ram is benevolent to such an extent that she even didn’t think about how the individuals of Ayodhya will treat her after that. That is the reason Laxman, Bharat, Dashratha, Vashishta muni, and all others censured her, said terrible words to her yet Lord Ram never did that, and if someone used to say awful words to her in front of Lord Ram so he used to say He who has never had any relationship with sages will say awful words to her. 

In some Ramayans it is likewise referenced that Ram used to invest more energy in Kaikeyi’s castle than in Kaushalya’s royal residence and it is said that following 14 years when Ram returned he originally visited his mother Kaikeyi’s castle before visiting mother Kaushalya’s castle.


Mata Kaikeyi was an extremely solid woman knowledgeable in sacred texts and “yudh Kala”. She likewise was an extremely insightful and kind-hearted woman. Would you be able to figure such a lady can commit an error and that too of banishing her most adored child? It was the predetermination that constrained her to do as such. She was affected by Maya and it was only for 3 days. Later she understood her mix-up needed to atone the entire everyday routine and needed to experience the anguish for the rest of her life. 

Presently returning to your inquiry, such a woman would have been the most cheerful individual to see her child back home. History talks a ton about Bharat, Lakshman yet Sekai is as yet considered as not a decent mother. Nobody names her girl Kaikeyi. In any case, it was her penance that no one but Lord could comprehend and not humans like us.

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