What happened to Pandavas after Mahabharat ended

Mahabharata is undoubtedly the best epic at any point composed. It affects Indian culture, customs, and surprisingly how individuals act today. It likewise affects understanding, what is ethically off-base and right in the Indian culture. 

Nonetheless, a large portion of the information individuals have about Mahabharata isn’t from perusing or breaking down the genuine messages however through different TV arrangements and films. These amusement mediums for the most part ends when the Kurukshetra war closes. We were never determined what occurred after the Kurukshetra war in the epic Mahabharata and what happened to Pandavas.


So now let us look at what happened after the war.

1. There were just 12 individuals who endure the Kurukshetra battle in Mahabharata 

Mahabharata was a, generally, a genuine universal battle for the old individuals. It had much more prominent cataclysmic results than the advanced universal conflicts, practically all individuals dead when I say all, I mean 3.94 million warriors. Remember that the number of inhabitants on the earth was nothing contrasted with the total populace today. The lone enduring were 12 individuals and none of them were standard warriors! 

Simply if you are intrigued, they are the 12 individuals who endure the Mahabharata war 

  1. The Five Pandavas: The children of Pandu with two moms, Kunti and Madri, and spouses to Draupadi 
  2. Krishna the Lord himself 
  3. Satyaki: A wild hero of the Vrishini family. Satyaki battled enthusiastically for the Pandavas anyway his military, Vrishini armed force battled alongside Kauravas because of a guarantee by Krishna 
  4. Yuyutsu: The oldest Kaurava. He was the stepbrother of Duryodhana and was brought into the world of an anonymous Vaishya mother. 
  5. Ashwatthama: Son of Guru Dronacharya 
  6. Kritavarma: A Vrishni champion 
  7. Kripacharya: The instructor of both Kauravas and Pandavas 
  8. Vrishaketu: The child of incredible champion Karna who battled with the Kaurava Army 

2. The best hero of Mahabharata, Arjuna lost the greater part of his forces 

Arjun seemingly is one of the focal characters and most daring heroes in Mahabharata and the Kurukshetra war. It is said the uncommon force that Arjuna had was to battle the honorable conflict (Dharm Yudh). 

In any case, things changed after the Kurukshetra war finished. He lost practically the entirety of his force, even to the degree that he couldn’t battle a couple of standard hoodlums who attempted to grab Lord Krishna’s significant other. You can peruse the story here  

3. Yudhishthira turns into the crown ruler to the seat of Hastinapur 

Work on antiquated occasions and surprisingly rehearsed today in India is to pass to the seat of the realm to the oldest child. It is very clear that in Hindu traditions the oldest child turns into the lord of the seat. 

Regardless, Yudhishthira being a respectable man offers his uncle Dhrirashtra to stay on the seat. He, be that as it may, disagrees and leaves the seat for Yudhishthira. 

4. Gandhari Curses Lord Krishna which at last prompts the demise of his human body 

Gandhari on seeing her children lying dead in the front line and their bodies were ruined via rapacious worms, birds and creatures got exceptionally irate and she considered Lord Krishna answerable for the demise of her children. She relieves him that he will watch his family kicking the bucket before his very eyes as they have seen their children passing on the combat zone. 

5. Restoration of Kaurava Martyr’s Wives 

Draupadi makes a committee of ladies comprising of the relative multitude of widows of war. The chamber cares for their recovery and guarantees that everybody could uphold their families monetarily by furnishing them with honorable work openings. 

Spouses of Kauravas were given good situations in the committee and the royal residence of Pandavas. 

6. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari leave for compensation after being insulted by Bhim 

After playing out the last customs of children and different family members, Dhritarashtra and others revrevealtreme retribution and lives upon just for around two years. 

In certain forms of Mahabharata, it is kept up that Bhima used to insult the old couple because of which they left the realm for compensation into woods. Kunti the mother of Pandavas and Sanjay likewise leaves with them.

7. The demise of focal characters in Mahabharata 

Dhritrashtra and the other four, pass on in a timberland fire in a thinking position which they might have gotten away yet rather decided to bite the dust calmly. 

8. Pandavas disavow their realm and mortal life and start their last excursion to paradise from the Himalayas 

Vyasa tells the Pandavas that they have filled the need of their life, and now they should leave for their last excursion to the Himalayas. 

The Pandavas alongside their significant other Draupadi leave Hastinapur. Along the way, a canine becomes friends with them. The Pandavas first arrive at the South, to the ocean, and perform customs there. Close to the ocean, Lord Agni Deva shows up before them. 

“Goodness Arjuna, The bow you are holding is exceptionally incredible. It was shipped off you by the Gods and devas to battle evil and support Dharma. Since the reason has been served and you also have disavowed your obligations as Commander in Chief, I figure you can return the bow to me. “said Lord Agni Deva. 

“Agni Devta, I trust I have satisfied your assumptions. Since we have revoked the world, I don’t think that it’s sensible to hold the bow.” saying so Arjuna returns his bow to Agni Deva. 

They moved from south to southwest and visited spots, Ashrams and from that point, they went to Dwaraka. The wonderful and magnificent city was no more there. The Pandavas see the city overwhelmed and from the land, they could see Krishna’s castle remaining among the waters. 

Seeing a particularly delightful city lowered in the ocean made them miserable. They turned north and halted at Rishikesh. From that point, they began for the Himalayas. They intended to cross mount Meru and arrive at paradise. 

9. While scaling the Great Himalayas, the 4 Pandavas, and Draupadi fall and bite the dust a human demise, yet Yudhishthira proceeds and endures  

During the excursion, a canine becomes a close acquaintance with them and goes with them for the whole excursion. While climbing the Himalayas, Draupadi turns into the first to fall, trailed by Sahadeva, Nakula, Arjuna, and Bhima. 

Yudhishthira clarifies their falling because of different sins submitted during their lifetime. Just the Yudhishthira and the canine proceed on their rising. 

10. Yudhishthira’s last test 

As the canine and Yudhishthira move up the mountain, Lord Indra shows up on his chariot and requests that Yudhishthira come to paradise with him. Yudhishthira demands to take the canine alongside them. Indra objects to the solicitation, anyway Yudhishthira stays resolved. 

It is just later on when Yudhishthira understands that the canine was the god Dharma, who in amazement of Yudhishthir’s excellencies, appreciates him. What’s more, at last, he enters Indra’s chariot to paradise. 

11. Parikshit, from the Kuru faction, turns into the crown ruler of Hastinapur and keeps on administering 

Alongside his child and replacement Janamejaya I, he assumes a significant part in the union of the Kuru express, the course of action of Vedic songs into assortments, and the advancement of the standard Srauta custom, changing the Kuru domain into the predominant political and social focus of northern Iron Age India. 

12. Get-together in the paradise 

The epic Mahabharata depicts the get-together of Karna, Pandavas, and Kauravas in paradise, where they all reunite, liberated from tension and contention against one another. 

13. Gandhari’s revile to Krishna requires a day and a half to emerge which prompts the end of Krishna and Yadava family of Dwarka, a period during which Pandavas stay in power 

The viciousness in the Dwaraka airs out, with Yadavas slaughtering one another. Marsala Parva portrays Lord Krishna’s demise in the 36th year, which happens because a bolt erroneously took shots at him by Jara. A perishing Krishna supports the regretful Jara and converges in the picture of Lord Vishnu. 

This occasion prompts the start of Kali Yuga as we probably are aware today. What occurred after the Mahabharata War, helped shape socially and insightfully the Indian culture that we know today. The data about Mahabharata was inadequate without knowing the occasions after the Kurukshetra war.

Why Pandavas went to Hell

The Pancha Pandavas controlled the Hastinapura tradition for 36 yrs and procured a decent name and acclaim. They set up an honest Kingdom and one day at long last they all concluded that the opportunity has arrived for them to deny the world. 

So the five Pandavas and their basic wife, The Draupadi left to the way of liberation. For this reason, they all ascended the Meru Mountain which drives them to the Swarga Loka. Sadly on their way, they slipped and passed on individually. 

The first to kick the bucket was Draupadi, she was flawed because she favored Arjuna over her other husbands. Then it was Sahadeva, defective because he was priggish about his knowledge. Followed by Nakula, blemished because he was haughty about his great looks. Then fell Arjuna, blemished because he was consistently desirous of other archers. And at that point, Bhima, flawed because he was a pig. 

Just the oldest Pandava, Yudhisthira, arrived at the entryway of Swarga Loka continued Lord Indra’s chariot. On arriving at Heaven he didn’t discover either his upright siblings or his better half Draupadi. Rather he saw Duryodhana, Bheesma, Dronacharya, and so forth and their children.

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