What is Kalpavriksha?

The miracles and wonders are a part of the Kalpavriksha. It is a belief of Hinduism that helps the Hindus to unlock their way to their destiny. As interesting as the concept is some also have faith in it to be not just a mere consideration but a witnessed truth.

So, what is Kalpavriksha? The Kalpavriksha is a wisdom tree. It’s the idea of the tree of life which fulfils wishes and is believed by not just Hindus but many cultures. In Indian culture, the word used for it is kalpataru or kalpavrikhsha. It is also called as Kalpadruma and is a godly tree in Hinduism. It has also been named in Sanskrit scriptures like Manasara and a part of the Shilpa Shastra and even the Jain cosmogony.

Tree from Ancient Book

The kalpavriksha was born during the churning of the ocean according to the Hindu tradition or Samudra Manthan. The wish rewarding cow kamadhenu was born along with the tree. The tree was then taken to heaven by Lord Indra and planted it over there. According to the Hindu tradition, there are five kalpavrikshas, the Mandana, Santana, kalpavrikhsa, parijata and harichandana. They fulfilled the wishes of the Gods and out of hate and jealousy, the demons struck wars with them.

The banyan tree is called as kalpataru. The blessings and wish-granting powers of this tree have deeper studies that reveal how we can grasp it. here we will see some key highlights to attain your desired life and learn priceless lessons. 

The Wishing Tree

Wishing tree as women

All that is created on the earth by us was first created in the mind. Every work that has been done may they be great things or awful situation all have occurred in the mind first and took birth there and was then manifested in the outside world. According to Yoga, a firm mind is devoted to Kalpavriksha or a wishing tree.

If you can discipline your mind till a certain level in return it will organize your entire system, your body, energies and emotion in the right direction. If you can get this into practice you are your own Kalpavriksha. And anything that you wish for will happen in your life.

Be Mindful Of What You Wish For

There is a simple but great story that perfectly illustrates the meaning of this title. One a man was on a walk and he surprisingly entered into a paradise. After a while, he felt tired and wished to take rest because he was tired. He suddenly saw a huge tree with soft grass beneath it and found it perfect to take rest. And he went and slept on the grass. As he woke up, he felt he had got sufficient rest. After that, he was hungry and thought ‘I wish to eat something’. He started to think of all the delicacies he liked and surprisingly found it in from him. Then he was full and satisfies and was thirsty and then wished to he could get something to drink. He then thought of things he wanted to drink and they came before him.

The mind is compared to the monkey in Yoga because of its wandering behaviour. Also, the word monkey refers to imitating. To imitate someone is a full-time job of the mind and it does just as it sees. And thus, an unstable mind is referred to the monkey.

An unshakable human mind is stated as a Kalpavriksha and with this mind whatsoever you shall ask it becomes a reality.

Now let us see the same story with a monkey mind. When the monkey went suddenly to the paradise he thought ‘What is happening here? All that I asked for came into existence probably there are evil spirits around me.” And as soon as he thought so he saw ghosts and was scared. Furthermore, in fear, he started to think that the ghosts might harm him. And with no delay, the ghosts started to torture him. He started to scream and shout in fear and pain and wished that he would die instead of the trouble. And he was dead.

The issue was he was sitting under the Kalpavriksha, the wishing tree. So, whatsoever he was asking for was coming into existence. You need to bring into practice a mind of Kalpavriksha and not an unstable and crazy mind.

Are You In Control?

What if you are driving your car and everything is normal the speed, the control and all of a sudden, the steering comes off. Oh, I wonder how calm a person can be at that time. You shall certainly freak out in such a situation.

And it is a condition where probably any human being on this entire planet would be scared. If your body, energy and mind are not in your control they will start doing their own things in their own incontrollable ways. And when they are incontrollable Kalpavriksha is no-where near you.

First, you shall be very clear about the things you really want. And if you do not know what you desire for you cannot create it. every human wants joy and peace-filled in life. As for relationships he wants to love and affection to be given and got. In short, all human beings wish for a pleasing environment to live in.

The pleasantness of the body is in the form of health and satisfaction. For the mind, they are joy and peace. For emotions, it is love and affection and for energy, it is ecstasy and bliss. All of these is the basic desires of a human being. He wishes for peace in everything he does and everywhere he goes.

The key is the commit yourself to do the things you want. For instance, in the morning, start your day with a kind and simple thought, Wherever I go today I shall live in complete peace, joy and love, even if I fail for a thousand times how does it matter? Because for a committed man there is no failing. You also learn from every step back and fall. If you think in this manner you create a well-organised mind.

You Are Not Just A Creation

There are different ways to organise your mind instead of being in a mess and with that, you can make your mind and self into a Kalpavriksha. The source of creation functions within you at every moment in your life. You just need to have control and access over that sector of your life.

And by getting into discipline the four basic elements of your life will help you get access to it. The ability to transform yourself from being a creation to a creator is all about the science of Yoga.

A lot of things which are not yet in our perception can be taken into our perception, and thereby our capability to create life can be brightened.

You Are the Creator

Once you well organize the way you think and feel about things you can do wonders with your life. After being organized even your energies will get ordered in the same direction. And so, will your body be ordered and disciplined. Only once all these four are in line can you attain the phenomenal experience of creating and manifesting things.

If you can consciously create impossible situations to existence then you are a creator. And nobody can stop you from paving your way to your destiny.

It took a thousand years to make the monkey into a human being, the evolution states. In just an afternoon you can make any piece into a creation. So, the very foundation of creation is working within you.

All you need to do is organize your mind, thoughts, emotions and body into place and in the right direction. And then whatever you want will come to you with no effort. Organising yourself saves you from being a mess. Believe that you are a Kalpavriksha and there is creative power within you to create whatever you want.

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