Who is better Archer Karna or Arjuna?

The inquiry may look short and straightforward, however, its answer lies in layers of comprehension – of sensational effect, of human brain research, of moral inquiries, and (for Arjuna’s situation) of supernatural subtleties. Let’s try to analyze this article.


Let’s examine the character of Karna and Arjuna


Karna was an extraordinary fighter, from various perspectives more prominent than Arjuna. They may have been equivalent as bowmen, however truly, Karna was by a long shot the more grounded of the two. And surprisingly in adhering to one’s standards, Karna showed up more undaunted contrasted and Arjuna. In any case, in Karna’s life, there was one tragic defect. He made his fellowship and unwaveringly to higher than all else, much higher than good and bad, and surprisingly higher than God. While dedication is an extraordinary worth in such situations when it abrogates a feeling of dharma and surprisingly the immediate calling of the Divine as Shri Krishna, such devotion drives one to an unfortunate end. 

Karna utilized his entire existence to serving his companion Duryodhan, without even one narrow-minded perspective. Nonetheless, his faithfulness was incognizant in regards to the point that he would even follow his companion when he was accomplishing something off-base, childish, and unsafe to other people. This shows that dedication to someone else can lead even an incredible man to a heartbreaking end. Dharma, and the call of God, should constantly be more prominent than unwaveringly to another. Karna understood what he was doing wasn’t right and took care of it. 

Karna put faithfulness to Duryodhan as his most noteworthy devotion. His sad story cautions us to pick loyalties shrewdly. Just Krishna merits such courageous devotion.


Arjuna was an extraordinary man. However, he had shortcomings that were missing in Karna, Bhishma, and Drona. He was somehow or another reckless, saying and doing a few inept things that might have handled his siblings and himself in some hot water. 

For instance, at a certain point, Arjuna had made a promise that he would end the existence of anyone who offended his ‘Gandiva bow’, which he was extremely glad for. During the Mahabharata war, it turned out to be Arjuna’s oldest sibling and pioneer, Yudhistir, who managed the deadly affront. 

Arjuna drew his blade and was going to murder his sibling, and was controlled simply by Krishna’s essence. Rather than executing Yudhistir, Arjuna rather offended him in broad daylight. Yet, at that point, Arjuna felt awful for offending a particularly high-minded individual as Yudhisthira, and said that he would end it all as there was no point, in any event, being alive after accomplishing something so exceptionally disgusting as offending his sibling in broad daylight! By and by, it was just Krishna’s quality that controlled Arjuna. Krishna, at last, worked Arjuna out of self-destruction, yet Arjuna was pitiful that he had not kept his word, and felt extremely terrible. Krishna gave Arjuna a proviso. As per dharma, adulating yourself openly is wrongdoing that is pretty much as terrible as one’s passing. So Krishna said to Arjuna that simply acclaim yourself in broad daylight, and your promise will be satisfied. Also, in this way were the existences of both Arjuna and Yudhisthira saved. 

However, notwithstanding this audacious streak in his character, Arjuna is the person who is carved upon the core of mankind as the ideal to which strive for.

Why Arjuna is considered a greater archer

There are not many examples of when Arjuna crushed Karna. 

  • In the Virata Parva, Arjuna crushed Karna and the Kuru armed force without any assistance. 
  • Likewise, at the hour of Draupadi’s swayamvar, he retained the power of Karna. 

These incidences show that Arjuna was an unrivaled toxophilite than Karna, there is no such occurrence in the Mahabharata where Karna got successful against Arjuna. 

In the combat zone, Karna loses his ability to dispatch the weapons because of the scourge of his master Parashurama for concealing his personality and confronted comparable condemnations from a brahman, boho Devi which at last prompted his ruin. 


Karna is no uncertainty and an incredible bowman. If he had battled for the correct aim, he would have arisen triumphant.

Instances where Arjuna beat Karna

Since Arjuna is the Supreme Archer. Karna was certainly handier just when it was tied in with showing his ability (as he did in the Rangshala when he originally tested Arjuna) and not when there was a genuine fight. In a genuine fight, he lost and fled from the front line a lot of times and consequently, he was appropriately named Ardha-rathi (a large portion of a rathi) by Bhishma. 

A Kshatriya gets the hang of employing weapons to secure his subjects and to win wars. This is the genuine trial of a Kshatirya’s expertise. So that implies he isn’t so able since he was unable to utilize his insight adequately where it’s generally needed as would be appeared by the examples I have recorded underneath. 

Karna was crushed by Arjuna as well as by different heroes as referenced underneath, so how might he be named better than Arjuna who never lost a fight and who even crushed the Lord of Lords – Mahadeva himself! 

  • Karna losing to Drupada (and his military) and fleeing from the combat zone. Furthermore, he was in good company battling with Drupada yet with all the Kauravas. Contrast this with Arjuna and Bhima together winning from Drupada and the armed forces. 
  • Karna couldn’t hang the bow during Draupadi (Swayamvar-Parva, 186.15, Gita press version) Swayamvara Parva, SECTION CLXL and we as a whole realize Arjuna won Draupadi. 
  • Karna lost to the Gandharvas and Arjuna and Bhima acted as the hero of Duryodhana. On the off chance that someone can run abandoning his sworn companion, it talks a ton about the ability, boldness, and soul of the individual. So it unmistakably shows he didn’t have an edge. I figure it would be better if you give some illustration of his genuine abilities which shows his edge over Arjuna. 
  • Karna lost to Arjuna in the Virat battle toward the finish of long-term ajnat-vasa. Furthermore, also the wide range of various incredible toxophilites was likewise there to battle with Arjuna. 

So after every one of these things and a lot more not recorded, how is it possible that he would be viewed as more able than Arjuna. So Arjuna is appropriately the incomparable bowman.


The examination between Karna and Arjuna shows us that while we can respect an individual’s dependability to a companion, devotion to their manager, and commitment to their standards or guarantees, these things should never be permitted to turn into a snag in doing what is really to assist everyone’s benefit. Krishna, the heavenly guide, will consistently shower his effortlessness on individuals who will put Him first, and subsequently, we recall Arjuna as the genuine saint over any of his counterparts.

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