Who killed Eklavya in Mahabharata?

Ekalavya is a character famous for his archery skills and determined nature from the epic, The Mahabharata. He was a youthful ruler of the Nishadha, a confederation of wilderness clans in Ancient India. 

Ekalavya is called one of the premier lords in the Rajasuya Yagna where he praises Yudhishthira by offering shoes with deference. Even though he didn’t have his correct thumb, he was noted as an exceptionally amazing toxophilite and champion. 


Eklavya’s Death 

The all-powerful Krishna slaughtered Eklavya. However, for what reason did Krishna slaughter Eklavya? Eklavya passing story or the tale of Krishna slaughtering Ekalavya. Eklavya is the cousin of Krishna. The account of Eklavya and him removing his bow-employing thumb and offering it to Guru Dronacharya as ‘Master Dakshina’ is quite possibly the most popular story in Mahabharata. 

In any case, numerous individuals don’t have the foggiest idea of what befallen him after this episode. What’s more, how and why Eklavya has murdered Krishna? Allow us to attempt to get this and discover why he was slaughtered by Krishna. 

Lord Krishna

Eklavya – The Great Archer and Cousin of Krishna

Eklavya was the Prince of Nishadha. He was the child of Devashrava who was the sibling of Kunti and Vasudev. However, for certain reasons (not determined), he was deserted by his dad in his baby stage. Lord Krishna, the Pandavas, Shishupala, and Eklavya, all were cousins.  

At the point when he was youthful, he was lost in the woodland and was found by Vyatraj Hiranyadhanush, King of Nishadha, and was embraced by him. After his dad’s demise, he turned into the youthful ruler of Nishadha, a partnership of wilderness clans (Adivasi) in antiquated India. 

Eklavya, son of Hiranyadhanus, who was King Jarasandha’s military authority and head of the Nishadas. He moved toward Drona to coach him in human expressions of war, particularly toxophilite. Drona was a Brahmin educator working under the utilize of Hastinapur to show the youthful Kaurava and Pandava rulers combative techniques. 

Drona was very intrigued by Ekalavya’s true craving; nonetheless, he before long found Ekalayva’s experience. Predicting political conditions that would result from preparing an individual from a military that was contrary to Hastinapur, Drona dismissed him. In specific adaptations of the story, Drona dismisses Ekalavya in light of Ekalavya’s rank, either constrained by his conviction or the principles set out by Hastinapur. In different variants, it is a mix of Ekalavya’s station and devotion that impacts Drona’s choice. 


Profoundly hurt by Drona’s dismissal, Eklavya got back, yet being unflinching and with the will to dominate bows and arrows, he went into the timberland and made a sculpture of Drona. He started a restrained program of self-concentration over numerous years. In the long run, Eklavya turned into a bowman of uncommon ability, more prominent than Drona’s best student, Arjuna. He acknowledged the sculpture as his master and rehearsed before it every day. 

Guru Dakshina 

One day when Drona and his understudies were going out into the woods, Arjuna saw a canine that couldn’t bark because of an astonishing development of bolts in and all around his mouth. This development was innocuous to the canine, however kept the canine from yelping. Drona was astonished, yet also troubled: he had guaranteed Arjuna that he would make him the best toxophilite on the planet. Drona and his understudies examined and happened upon Eklavya. After encountering Drona, Ekalavya came and paid respect by bowing to him. 

Drona asked Eklavya where he had learned toxophilite. Eklavya answered “under you, Guruji”, and showed Drona his sculpture while clarifying what he had done. 

Drona at that point reminded Eklavya that for Ekalavya to genuinely be Drona’s understudy, Ekalvaya would need to paymaster Dakshina. Promptly, Ekalavya offers to do anything for Drona. Drona apathetically requests the thumb from Ekalavya’s correct hand. Reluctant from the start, Ekalavya requests Drona to affirm the order; Drona cruelly does as such. Grinning, Ekalayva cuts off the thumb and presents it to Drona. 

This episode celebrates Eklavya’s penance and devotion to his master. Nonetheless, it likewise exhibits the smart move that Drona makes to save the norm and the further political circles in the legislative issues of Aryavarta. Drona’s purposes behind the activity differ: it is generally a blend of Drona needing to keep up his guarantee to Arjuna, and Drona’s obligation to rebuff Ekalavya for “taking” information from him (gaining from Drona without Drona’s consent). 

Even though he didn’t have his correct thumb, he was as yet viewed as perhaps the best bowman in Mahabharata. He is likewise supposed to be an extraordinary companion of Duryodhana. 

The ally of Jarasandha 

Ekalavya and his faction, from the hours of Nishada Vyatraja Hiranyadhanus, were incredible allies of Jarasandha. Eklavya’s dad served the Jarasandha realm as an authority and after him, Eklavya served the realm. 

Jarasandha was the chief adversary of Krishna, which made Ekalavya his foe as well, disregarding the way that they were cousins. 

He functioned as a toxophilite of King Jarasandha. At the point when Jarasandha arranged an assault on Mathura, he was supported by him. 

Eklavya chasing Krishna and Rukmini 

Rukmini was the daughter of Bhishmaka, the lord of Vidarbha. Rukmini became hopelessly enamored with Krishna and needed to wed him. Her folks likewise needed to wed Rukmini to Krishna yet Rukmi, a sibling of Rukmini firmly went against it. 

Rukmi would not like to acquire the fury of ruler Jarasandha, who was the most outstanding foe of Krishna. All things being equal, he needed her to wed his companion Shishupala, the crown ruler of Chedi, who was likewise the nearby partner of Jarasandha. Rukmini took in this and was alarmed and quickly sent the message to Krishna. She requested that Krishna come to Vidharbha and abduct her to stay away from a fight where her family members might be executed. 

Presently there are numerous variants of the tale of how Krishna executed Eklavya. As indicated by a few, Eklavya helped Jarasandha and Shishupala by pursuing Rukmini while she stole away with Krishna. Angered, Krishna got a stone and heaved it at Eklavya, slaughtering him. 

During Yudhisthira’s Rajasuya Yaga, Jarasandha was slaughtered by Bhima with the help of Lord Krishna. Disturbed over the demise of his companion and lord, Eklavya pined for retribution by murdering Krishna and every Yadava in Dwaraka. During the assault on Dwarka, he was slaughtered by Krishna. However, some accept that he made due in this fight against Yadavas and in one way or another arrived at the court of Duryodhana and was welcomed by him. Duryodhana made him the ruler of all timberlands in Hastinapura. So under the request for Duryodhana, Eklavya attempted to slaughter Samba, a child of Krishna. At that point, Krishna broke his skull from a stone and executed him. 

Krishna gave aid to Eklavya 

It is additionally accepted that Krishna gave him an aid at his demise that he would be renewed to slaughter Dronacharya. In like manner, he was brought into the world as Drishtadyumna lastly slaughtered Dronacharya. 

Why Krishna killed Eklavya 

In Drona-Parva, Krishna uncovers that he let individuals like Jarasandha, Shishupala, and Eklavya be murdered. 

He said that if they were not executed, later on during the conflict, they would have taken the side of Kauravas and that would have hindered the foundation of Dharma.

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