Why are we here? From Scriptures and Hindu Gurus

Why are we here?

One can come across his life, one single question, ‘’Why are we here?’’ also what makes us sustain on earth? Is that the desire toward the thing particular makes us live? Or the efforts put up to achieve what we desire for? A strong debate goes on both the thought aspects else it is true enough that we sustain on the earth just because to attain what we desire for. However, help is essential from the philosophical guide to teach you what made you live here and also what is your desire to live on earth.

Hindu scriptures

The most important texts aligned together making a sacred body of religious literature are called ‘’Hindu Scriptures’’. Sages and saints led themselves to praise the almighty using literature are the scriptures that are broadly classified based on the length of the texts and essence of its meaning.

Hinduism owns scriptures aging more than two million years ago and made the root of religious development. Sage Vyasa is known to be the father of scriptures or the author of Hindu scriptures has written an uncountable number of sacred texts.

Vedas are the very first texts in Hinduism claimed to be the ancient Hindu scripture followed by the Upanishads and Agamas, Strotas and Smriti, etc. In other terms, Vedas are followed by the revised editions of scripts that are named as Strotas, Smriti, etc. Knowing the value of human life and feeling the essence of living are achieved with the help of scriptures. The texts do frame rules and regulations of living life on earth and also to attain a lifetime achievement called Moksha. 

Scripture book

Assistance to achieve the GOAL

As said before, humans set goals achieving the real meaning of their birth. Karma is the root of Moksha also assures chances of re-birth. Re-birth occurs as the result of Karma that is what we did, yet? What do we expect from others? It is not easy to understand the script values of Hindu sacred texts, henceforth the assistance of Guru is essential. Spiritually influenced persons do well assistance to know who we are and what our goal on the earth living as is humans? What is needed to do to attain Moksha? Spiritually influenced, in other sense, is meaning that the one that is sound enough deep from the soul. Also, the philosophical values of life are explained clearly by these spiritual persons.


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Sadhguru masters his followers with qualifying examples explaining what life is and why are we here? What is our real goal to set life? And many other questions like this. Individuals can go deep to his explanations and get the ethnic meaning of life. Life is not just to fulfill our pleasure and desire without knowing either it necessarily needs to accomplish. Rather realizing the necessity of our desire the pleasure of achieving the same pushes the mindset to fulfill it.

He suggests his fellow being pull them back from undetermined desire and unwanted pleasure. Desire followed by the pleasure achieved is insignificant even knowing that people run after the desire, Sadhguru claims. Once denying what the wish or desire is toward will bring the change in mind also answers to the question of what made us here.

Happiness is the joy forever; one should keep exploring himself finding joyfulness within him. Rather than happiness does not lie with you. Happiness is exactly what we learned about ourselves and what pushes us toward discipline. It is not doing unwanted things we wish but discipline wrapped around the wish. Because the desires take our honor, respect, and discipline farther away from us.  

Gaur Gopal Das 

The real meaning of life is not just the time between birth and death and what happened to date. Rather knowing the reason for birth and deeds behind it makes the purpose of life. Gaur Gopal Das illustrates the meaning of life and answers the question why are we here? 

Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das is the spiritual speaker and motivational illustrator who had completed his graduation in Engineering but turned to what he wants to be? He suggests his followers trust the destiny that enforces the meaning of life. Not just the action and its deeds destine the birth but the two principles enforce the re-birth. They are:

The give and take account with varying people. It’s a necessity to complete the account. Get knowing the about themselves and get rid of birth and death, again. 

Karma is the basic principle that led people to born again and again based on the action and its deeds. This is the ultimate reason to balance the give and take account among people. It is also the Karma that probes the value of life also lets people know them thereby merge in god. This ultimately let the people get out of the cycle of birth and death.

Gaur Gopal Das helps to know the purpose of life and answers the reason for birth in other words why are we here? Do spiritual reasons help to let you know who you are? And what makes you here? Knowing the real identity is the real meaning of life rather education, wealth, etc and all do not project your identity. It is also not true about what you owned or what owns you? Despite exploring the inner soul let you know the reason for your presence on earth. He suggests his followers or trains with his motivational speech drawing the pleasure of illusion that is not exact.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The initiator of Art of living is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar or Guruji his other identity. He found the bonding between science and spirituality as both enunciate to know. Science explores the identity of things what is this? Moreover, spirituality excavate who am I? Possibly, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has quoted many spiritual thoughts and ideas that might help to change the life than before.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In his life-changing quotes, Ravi Shankar asks his followers to lead a life in the path of karma and only the karma dwells and drenches human life based on their actions followed by its deeds.

Human beings develop reconcile among them to overcome the effects of karma thereby they can achieve not to born again. Moksha is the goal of Hindus but reincarnation takes place because of karma. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar quotes that happiness or sorrows pass by every moment and as per the law of karma, the events swing to and fro.

One can bring himself out of worldly things, pleasure, desire, and happiness to attain the state of spiritual reality. Know that pleasure and joy are not left forever but may change accord to situation and time. Similar to other quotes of the spiritual leader help humans understand the worldly life and responsibility of individuals get free from the same.

Jiddu Krishnamurthy

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Jiddu Krishnamurthy focuses on the prospects of human life in some other direction or some other aspects. He was the philosopher, writer, and speaker that had talked a lot about spirituality in search of life values. Once he told all about leading a life is not bearing the worldly things or the responsibility to enjoy the worldly things. Same time Jiddu denies it’s not the real sense to live life just for the sake of pleasure, entertainment, etc. He also questions what made the evolution of human life and also what determines the fulfillment in life.

He portrayed himself as a questionable person to answer ”why are we here?” He added comparing human life to the mirror that reflects what human does. The life of a human or other living things is compared to the reflection of the mirror and it just reflects what exposed in front of it. Not just the habit of surviving but living the life knowing the real value of it. He speaks about the origin of things apart from biological and evolutionary processes but the creation of things on earth. Especially, the creator of the universe and else on the earth is the main point focused on.

May the article dealt with the concept of life values and what made us live on earth. Many philosophers and speakers put up more questions and suggestions as well that might help individuals that are in search of answers to the question of ‘’why are we here?’’ Hindu scriptures and texts assisted a lot to understand the spiritual value of human lives despite the worldly pleasure and attitude.

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