Why is Gayathri mantra so powerful? How to use it?

Chanting mantras kindles the inner fire within humans and unleashes the mind wander about the ethics of human life. It is the vibration of the sound exhibited in the form of wordings. Perhaps, Sanskrit is the best choice of language chanting mantras, over, all other languages spoken by Hindus. Gayathri mantra is the king of mantras or chants that are ever chanted by saints and monks. It is chanted for the sake of enlightening the soul and mind. In other words, mantras are the source of vibration created in terms of wordings and that is to chant forever consciousness and spiritual attitude of mind.

Gayatri Mantra

Power of Gayathri mantra

It is the power of bringing light into the human soul. However, Gayathri is favored chanting within direct light and of course the absence of darkness. Darkness, here, is the unconsciousness and illiteracy of spiritual importance. Once it is recognized that the bad and evil things happening on the earth is out of unconsciousness then easier it will be left behind the darkness. Certainly, you may also get noticed the similarity prevailing between the two. Mere chanting the mantras is of no use rather prompt guidance and teaching exists.

Yoga is the very good media that emphasizes the use of mantras throughout. Western countries started chanting ‘’Ohm’’ irrespective of religious importance but for the faith in the vibration build with. By the influence of yoga alone the importance of Gayathri mantra is realized and practiced.

Preaching Gayathri mantra by Yoga

The Vedas and the Upanishads insist learn Gayathri mantra, by the influence of Yoga. Of course! It has been a good choice to practice both the arts that enlighten the soul and body, as well. There are delicacy and methods of chanting Gayathri mantra that is the number of times it ought to be spelled. More often 108 times the Gayathri mantra is spelled by the use of wampum. This method of practicing the Gayathri mantra helps to count the number of times it has been chant. Besides, one who chants the Gayathri mantra should not interrupt with the counts and its distractions.

How to use the Gayathri Mantra? 

This is a very important question that must be answered with an appropriate explanation. Beginning with the meaning of Gayathri Mantra, it is means the ‘’Savitri’’ the sun deity comprised of five elements. And it was ‘’Vishwamitra’’ who initially spelled the mantra preceding with ‘’Ohm’’ and followed by the ‘’Mahavyatri’’ formulae Bhur, Bhuvaha, Swaha… The mantra was initially spelled for the cause of ‘’Upanayana’’ – a well-known ceremony for little men belonging to Brahmins from Hindus which was later insisted to be practiced by people of all castes and including women to proceed with.

This religious reform movement is also insisting everyone participate in all Vedic hierarchy. The mantra finds its place in Bhagavad Gita, Harivamsa and Manusmriti. As already told it is the enriched brightness occupied by the direct sun is the auspicious time to chant Gayathri Mantra. The mantra is correlated to ‘’pranayama’’ and hence subjected to practice chanting the same while executing yoga.

Several Hindu sacred texts such as Vedas and Upanishads are coming forward with the literal meaning to the mantra and also propounds the significance of spell the same. ‘’Bhur’’ means life, prana or breath whereas ‘’tat’’ means that or indicating something that has purity. ‘’Bhargo’’ means the process of purifying something eternal. These few instances are a better example to define the literal meaning of the Gayathri mantra or Savitri mantra, as such.

Wampum is the rope or rosary that is built with ‘’Rudhraksh’’ or divine pebbles are used to chant or spell the mantra. To avoid unnecessary distraction or to avoid confusion in counts, the rosary is used to chant Gayathri mantra.

Precise to the significance of timing for Gayatri Mantra chanting

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Timing accuracy is more important to chant Gayathri Mantra. Here the article points out appropriate timing found more auspicious to chant and spell perpetually. Vedas describes chanting Gayathri Mantra proved so beneficial at the Dawn, morning or before or at the time of sunsets. Gradually, unique and differential benefits carried away chanting respective time gaps. Though chanting at night is probably not auspicious for Gayathri Mantra. 

Chanting Gayathri mantra while carrying out ‘’sandhya vandhana’’ at dawn or at dusk the twilights of the day imposes a beneficial impact on those who perform the ritual. But it is not recommended to perform rituals associated with chanting Gayathri mantra at night. Vedas and other sacred texts from Hinduism are recommending Brahmins to follow the rituals, strictly. Instead, others that are non-Brahmin are not forced to perform the ritual unless they insisted. 

The ultimate purpose of chanting the mantras and other breath practices are just to waive off the darkness form the seat of our soul and mind. Once initiated into Gayathri mantra anyone can perform the ritual and are not forced to continue forever but propounded to follow lifelong. 

Can women chant Gayatri mantra

Gayathri mantra is secular to all human beings but recommended for the men folks and women rather not proclaimed to chant the same. It is believed that the chance of PCOD and other hormonal issues related to the reproductive system of women exists with continuous chanting of Gayathri mantra. Women prone to lose feminism on continuous chanting of the same believed as a myth. Of course! Gayathri mantra is the vibration of ‘’ajna’’ energy and is being practiced procuring analytical significance. This is unanimously not related to the procreative and nurturing thesis of women. 

Hence, practicing Gayathri mantra prolonged would likely to emphasis the analytical intelligence belonging to ajna and not the pro-creative and nurturing actions belonging to the mooladhara, svathistana, and vishudha. It is proclaimed for women possess the above three chakras functioning properly for their reproductive excellence and retain feminism. Practicing Gayathri mantra would drag them from what they have to be or to do but divert them some other direction. 

It is not other reasons rather the above-mentioned one that prevents women from chanting Gayathri mantra. Unless getting in deep into the concept of chakras and its influence on the human body mechanism, everyone can’t understand the ethics of chakras. Mere negotiations of rule and its abstract women do chanting Gayathri mantra just for of no use. Vedas do not deny their rights to perform rituals but have isolated women from practicing the act of certain yogic impacts just for scientific reasons behind.

Procurement of benefits over chanting mantras

It is highly beneficial to spell a specific mantra at the stated period, continuously. The intellectual significance of chanting Gayathri mantra resides with the inner cleanliness of the body, mind or soul. Men negotiating women are recommended chanting the mantras using typical counting tool for the accuracy in numbers. It has been proven Gayathri mantra is the lightening source of mind unless practiced under proper guidance.

The Gayathri Mantra is the king of mantras that are ever chanted or spelled in the Hinduism. The mantras are more divine than they need proper practice to spell unless avoid chanting. It is also believed that the improper practice of chant mantras is a sin.  

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