Why Mahabharata and some idols should not be kept at home?

All that glitters isn’t gold isn’t only an expression, in any case, conveys real significance altogether in our lives. There are times when we experience a couple of things, which look decent and are acceptable to such an extent that we need to keep that thing in our home. We buy so numerous stylistic theme pieces for our home without knowing the reality of its genuine importance. These pieces will make our home stylistic theme look stunning and add magnificence to it, nonetheless, do you know if they can be kept at home or not?

Only one out of every odd pretty looking thing ought to be in our home because according to Vastu Shastra, scarcely any things ring antagonism into our lives and it’s in every case better to get those things far from our lives and houses. Mahabharata is among such things along with many idols.

So now let’s dig deep and get to know about these things in detail.


Although the Vedic writings and Scriptures convey outstanding significance and keeping these sacred texts at home is viewed as promising. Notwithstanding, Mahabharata is one Hindu epic, which individuals duck to keep at their home. 


As per the best Astrologer in India, Mahabharata is about war, guile, and question among the families. It is viewed as holding the photos identified with Mahabharata at home because of division in the family. This is the reason one ought to keep nothing identified with Mahabharata at home. 

Hardly any individuals consider that Bhagavad Gita (A piece of Mahabharata) is a suffering wellspring of disclosure to mankind. In any case, the Genuine Astrologer in Delhi just sees the conflict in the setting. All things considered, there are rare sorts of people who decide to hold Bhagavad Gita at their home as an image of solidarity, in any case, anything like the conflict of Kurukshetra – pictures, painting, or comparable, ought to never be kept in your room. 

Vaastu Shastra and Temple Rules 

There are likewise managers for setting up a sanctuary in the house. Assuming there is a sanctuary constructed anyplace, its organic products are not obtained. The spot of the sanctuary of the households extraordinary significance. It is likewise vital to keep things set up and not toward the path and sanctuary. Setting up a sanctuary at the perfect spot doesn’t end you. There are additionally a few guidelines that the individual should deal with. The Sanctuary of the house ought to consistently be flawless and clean. No residue earth or soil ought to be spread on the sanctuary. There ought to never be obscurity in the sanctuary. It ought to consistently keep the brilliance. The dimness in the sanctuary isn’t propitious. Not just this, there ought not to be any wrecked idol in the sanctuary. In any case, there are some unique things about idols that we as a whole should know. Peruse further what idols ought not to be kept in the house. 


Shiva as Nataraja 

Ruler Shiva is probably the greatest idol on the planet. It is viewed as that he does the trick every one of the supplications of his adherents. Every one of his structures is additionally celebrated with a similar premium, aside from one – Nataraja. A large number of homes, workplaces across the world, including CERN – the European Organization for Nuclear Research, situated in Geneva, Switzerland, have this image of Shiva, yet Indians just won’t keep one at their home. 

It is viewed as that Nataraja is the annihilation type of Lord Shiva. Individuals say that Lord Shiva appeared as Nataraja and conveyed the popular Tandav Nritya or the dance of annihilation, which finished toward the apocalypse. Numerous acclaimed soothsayers in Delhi, India consider that these items bring misfortune into their life and like to avoid something very similar.

Bhairav Dev 

Bhairav Dev is viewed as a manifestation of Lord Shiva. Be that as it may, their idol ought to never be kept in the worship house. This is because Bhairav Dev is viewed as the divine force of the framework mode and their worship ought not to be done inside the house but instead outside.  

Shani Dev 

The idol of sun god Shani Dev ought to likewise be evaded in keeping the worship in the house. They should worship consistently in the sanctuaries outside. Try not to set Shani Dev’s idol in the house. 


Keeping the idol of Rahu-Ketu in the house is viewed as ominous. As indicated by crystal gazing, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu are considered heathens. By worshiping them, there is harmony in the house and the sufferings decline however worship the house outside the house, not inside.

Hindu Veda/Scripture


Aside from this, such an idol or image of God ought not to be kept in the temple, which is in the stance of battle, where the type of God is in its fierceness. Continuously introduce idols of God with delicate, wonderful, and favored stances. This brings positive energy. Promptly drench the divided idols. 

It is said that squeezing an extremely slender piece of silver under the primary entryway of the house helps in forestalling Vastu abandons. This doesn’t infiltrate any negative energy in the house and what happens is likewise taken out. Additionally, a basil or banana plant should be planted in the house. It keeps a decent home climate and is additionally a wellbeing enhancer.

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