Gifts for Hindus

Below are the preferred and useful gifts for Hindu Religious people

  1. God/Goddess Idols
    Hindus pray different Idol for different needs. Hence, it is a very nice idea to gift Idols by occasion. You can read the article to help decide the Idol based on the occasion.
  2. Books
    Books are a great resource to acquire religious knowledge and also, great gifts for kids and families to perform prayers. Click here for details of the books to Gift.
  3. Prayer set
    Every Hindu home will have space for prayer. For new houses, wooden temple/mandir to place Idols and a few other prayer space-related items will be helpful. You can look at the complete list here
  4. Decorative Articles
    wall painting, key-chain holder, clocks, keychains with their favorite God/Goddess will also be a nice gift. Click here for the complete list.
  5. Dress/Clothes/Wearables
    Ethnic wear to Guys and colorful dresses or sarees to women would also be a nice option for Gift. Check out Dresses’ gift page.
  6. Silver/Gold coin
    Gold or silver coins with Goddess Lakshmi is treated as lucky for Hindus. Find them in silver-and-gold-gift-items-for-hindus page

Select a category for more detailed items that help with the gift.

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