God/Goddess Idols

Gifting Idols will have a special place in the heart of Hindu religious people.
Below are the God/Goddess Gifts for Hindus.
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Lakshmi, Ganesh, Saraswathi Idol

Lakshmi, Ganesh, Saraswati Oil Lamp
Lakshmi Ganesh Saraswathi

Lord Ganesha is the Hindu remover of obstacles, and his seated image is said to bring good luck – especially to the home environment! This statue of Lord Ganesha makes a great housewarming, wedding or property gift. For worship at your home temple, to enhance your guest room’s beauty, increase the value of your antique collection, showpiece, as well as a gift for your loved ones.
Goddess Lakshmi means Good Luck to Hindus. The word Lakshmi is derived from the Sanskrit word “Laksya”, meaning ‘aim’ or ‘goal’, and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. Her four hands represent the four ends of human life: dharma or righteousness, “kama” or desires, “artha” or wealth, and “moksha” or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.
Saraswati is the beloved Hindu Goddess representing knowledge, music, arts, and wisdom. She is generally shown to have four arms, which represent the four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness, and ego. The book in the one hand represents true knowledge. The mala of crystals, on the other hand, represents the power of spirituality.

This handcrafted antique idol of Lord Laxmi Ganesha with Dia is made of pure gold metal. 
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The below are specific idols (with good quality and excellent reviews on Amazon) for special achievement or to remove hurdles.

To Remove Hurdles

Lord Ganesh is known to remove hurdles. So, keep the Ganesha statue and pray every day to remove your hurdles and move forward with life.

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For wealth

Lakshmi devi is the Goddess of wealth. You can buy the Lakshmi on Amazon and pray every day for better luck and wealth in life.

For Peace

Lord Buddha is known for peace. This Buddha with oxidized finish sitting in lotus in deep meditation at your home will help to achieve peace.

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Some of the general question regarding Gifts for Hindu Family and Friends:

Why do Hindus worship idols?

Hindus worship the divine in many different ways and one among them is idolatry. Though it is not approved or appreciated in Vedas and manuscript, Hindus pleaded their idolatry concerning the God or Goddess. Hinduism activists stress the fact that idolatry is not in practice from the very beginning of the Vedic period.

Besides, thinking ‘’Parabrahmam’’ admitted in different ways of worshipping and the idea of content (divine) is differing from the media through which it is attained. People believe idolatry is the best sought of media communicating to the divine. Fetching symbol and identity unique to ‘’Parabrahmam’’ that is the almighty depends upon the wish of individuals. If not goes beyond, idolatry is warmly welcome in Hinduism rather other religions.

Is it good to gift god idols?

Gifting idols of Gods and Goddess is not appreciable at any moment but the practice of gifting idols is carried out in Hinduism, occasionally. Depending on the occasion and event, gift varies among people. Constraint practice of gifting idols occur among Hindus though it is not advisory gift idols of Gods/Goddess in major Hindu festival like Diwali, etc but highlighted as the best choice of gifts in house warming, wedding ceremony and anniversary. Usually, idols made of clay; metal is the ultimate choice of selection rather than plastic and paintings of God’s images. Perhaps, for the festive occasion, God’s idols are created and sold out. For instance, Ganesh Chaturthi proclaims the sale of Ganesh idols for a lesser period.

Which direction the idol should face at home?

Hinduism follows principles placing deity or its idols in the home including pooja rooms. According to Vastu Sastra, North, East and north-east directions are considered as the best choice to place the idol or deity rather south, west and south-west are not more auspicious. Hence, the latter two directions are ignored in Hinduism to place idols.

The position of both deity and devotee is vice versa placed facing north and east direction again vice versa. It is a similar rule that is followed according to the Vastu Sastra. Implementing the signs of idols is encouraged while executing the idol worship in homes.

Can we have a bigger god idols at home?

The size of the god idols is very important while perceiving the daily routines of pooja. Hinduism preaches to keep god idols sizing not more than 3 inches at home for daily pooja rituals. More often Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh’s statues are the best choices of pooja rooms. Apart from the size of statues, again the direction of the placement takes charge regarding the idols. Apart from the above factors, it is not advisable to keep bigger size statues in pooja rooms. Also, it is not suggested to praise or keep the damaged idols in the pooja rooms rather it is ought to be removed or disposed of.

What idols should be in pooja rooms?

Idols of gods and goddesses are kept in pooja room inappropriate direction 1 inch right away from walls. It is also said that idols should not face each other and also not to face the doors of the pooja rooms. Similarly, Vastu Sastra frames certain rules and regulations in keeping idols in particular. According to Hinduism followed all over India, idols of all gods are prohibited placed for rituals based on regional borders. Hindus of South India do not worship the idol of Lord Shiva but according to their beliefs, Lord Shiva is formless and does not possess a unique identity. At the same time, the symbol of Lord Shiva in the name of ‘’Shivalinga’’ is praised in South India.

Whereas the Hindus belonging to North India praises and worships Lord Shiva in a unique form and give proper identity to the deity. Concerning the beliefs, Hindus from various parts of India worship Lord Shiva specific to their favorite form. Idolatry of Lord Shiva is however prohibited in pooja rooms of Hindu homes.

Can we gift Lakshmi Idol as a gift?

Gifting idols to someone else is not found good or advisable. Traditional belief includes gifting Lakshmi statue is not auspicious and also brings misfortune to one’s life that offers. Idolatry is a good experience of pooja ritual and is done for peace and wealth but gifting idols of Goddess Lakshmi is prohibited in Hinduism. An auspicious day like Diwali is the best chosen day for worshipping Laxmi Devi but advised not to gift someone with the same. Despite the reason ahead, it is not recommended to gift idol of Lakshmi made of any metal like gold, silver, copper, bronze, and brass. It propounds that the practice of gifting idol may redirect the virtue of goddess away from you hence neither friends, family nor any relative gifted with Laxmi idol.

Can we gift Lord Ganesh? And, Is it Ok to keep Lord Ganesh idol at home?

Lord Ganesh is the favorite deity most of the Hindus. Everyone likes the appearance and look of the deity, in particular, starting from kids to elderly. It is appreciable to worship the particular god at home with usual idolatry. A similar effect is experienced gifting Ganesh idol someone else free from reason or occasion. The effects of gifting idol of Ganesh are quite similar worshiping the deity at home. The cute appearance of the god enhances everyone to praise him. He fetches peace and wealth to his devotees just at the time of praise. Irrespective of occasion including house warming, wedding, wedding anniversary, birthday or festivals, gifting idol of Lord Ganesh is encouraged in Hinduism. Pooja rooms of Hindus do not arise without the image or the idol of Lord Ganesh.

Perhaps having the idol of Lord Ganesh is very much good and brings positive vibration in the residence. Richness and prosperity follow and prevails at home. But it is necessary to carry out the rituals and worship daily without fail.

What idols and things should not be gifted to Hindus?

Gifting someone with an image of a deity or something common is being in practice in Hinduism. Perhaps, certain rules and restrictions are framed while gifting something to others. Hinduism believes in fortunes and goodness of life. According to them, richness is the sign of Goddess Laxmi and her vision should spread over the residence. It is achieved using idolatry but gifting idols of Laxmi is prohibited. Of course! Hindus avoid gifting Laxmi Devi idols among themselves at any occasion due to the existence of fortunes. At the same time, idols of other deity are recommended for gifting. Certainly, they believe and follow the thoughts though it is superstitious.

What gifts are considered bad luck in Hinduism?

Though gifting is the sign of love and affection, Hindus do not gift anything owing back its importance. One should achieve prosperity and happiness throughout their life also it is gained in the name of idolatry. The idea of experiencing divinity is achieved with the help of idols. Statue worship is encouraged self-experience but prohibited as a gift to others as it would bring misfortune in one’s life that gifts. Gifting the symbol of Laxmi made of precious metals is found inauspicious, also lending and buying oil on an auspicious day is prohibited. Buying and wearing clothes in black colors are not recommended in Hinduism.