Hindus Prayer Setup at Home

Below are the items needed to perform a Hindu Prayer at home. These will be good gift items for House Warming Parties and helpful prayer items for Hindus.

Wooden Temple

Wooden Temple Mandir

The small wooden Temple is the religious/spiritual where Hindus keep the idols and perform prayers by sitting in front of it.
Also, it is preferred to have doors, so that it closed and sacredness is not lost.
This wooden temple also contains 2 drawers beneath to store all the prayer/pooja related items.
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Kalash/Copper Lota


During the Hindu Prayer, God/Goddess statues are washed from the water stored in Kalash Lota, a vessel made with Copper.
Also, it is very healthy to store the water in this vessel during the night and drink in the morning.
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Rudraksha with 108 beads

Rudraksha with 108 beads

During Morning prayer rituals, Rudraksha is used to chant Om or any God 108 times.
Rudraksha Mala 108 beads 8mm is the essential rudraksha mala, similar to the ones worn by Buddha, Gandhi and the Dalai Lama. Rudrakshas may be the earliest known form of prayer beads, having been worn since at least 1000B.C. Tuck this traditional rudraksha 108 bead mala inside your shirt, to be worn against the skin.
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