Does Darwin’s Theory of Evolution based on Hindus Vishnu 10 avatars?

A more interesting chapter to talk or read with is the evolution of earth and the gradual development of living beings. Anyone can willingly come forward reading the thesis of evolution, if additionally; it has overdosed with the mythological history of Hinduism. Hinduism has told the existence of Living being that has gradually developed themselves time being, thousands and thousands of years ago. How strange the concept coincides with the evolutionary theory of Darwin? But of course, somewhere it coincides or as whole looks similar to the mythological origination of human beings.

Charles Darwin, Hinduism Dahavatar

Hinduism is the ancient most religion that cannot be determined for its origination. Certainly, it preaches the ethnic powers of trinity God, Lord Vishnu, the preserver who incarnated periodically on earth to assure the existence of Good against evil and the suppressed the dominance of anarchy. He also stresses that he incarnates eventually on this Earth when there is the rise of evil against good and the suppression of justice. Coming back to Darwin’s theory, he proclaimed the evolution of the world especially the living beings are based on the survival of the fittest. Living being originates, develops themselves gradually with periodical evolution that is exactly Darwin’s theory.

Many questions are arising all about the count of species that is possibly originated on this earth. What made them develop gradually and lead to existence? Did all the species visited earth all in one and start living the moment they had created? Let’s go in-depth with the equal comparison of Darwin’s theory together with the mythological significance of Hinduism.

Dashvatars in Temple. Source Flickr

Avatars of Lord Vishnu

Lord Vishnu is the preserving power that surpasses living being in all aspects and guides mankind towards livelihood. Hindu myth believes that Vishnu came down from heaven every time there is a need for justice. His incarnation varies or gradually developed based on the evolutionary sequences and at this point, Darwin’s theory of evolution coincides with the Avatars of Lord Vishnu. According to the naturalist, nature is the selecting authority of the development of species on this earth.

He also added organisms develop periodically to survive on this earth and those that can compete with can survive and those do not vanish on period. Comparing the evolutionary theory that is the species origination on earth to the Avatars of trinity power, it is understood that almighty has specified the choice of species for incarnation is based on the level that the earth attained its development.

Amazingly, Darwin’s theory narrates that the variations and development occurred in the species survival on the earth is exactly the way or method Vishnu manifests His incarnation. He took different genres of incarnation that is meant as the evolution of organisms.

Darwin view of evolution

As already told, Darwin proposed that the living being starts its origination right from invertebrates to the vertebrates as well. Even among them, the fittest organism met the competition of survival led the life on the earth. He also added that variations in the species are inevitable hence found the changing development in the organisms. Lord Vishnu also begins his act of incarnation periodically concerning the theory of evolution.

1. Matsya avatar – Fish, a Water Life


The very first avatar of Lord Vishnu is Matsya Avatar that denotes the invertebrate species living in the ocean. Evolution of living beings begins with invertebrates and the single sense creatures hence the almighty chose the specific incarnation. The concept coincides with Darwin’s theory as which propounds the ascending progress of senses. This avatar carries the specification of saving life from Mahapralaya on the earth.

2. Koorma Avatar – Tortoise, an Amphibian (both water and land)

Kurma Avatar

Followed by the Matsya avatar, the further progression in the evolution involves the survival of both land and water. Invertebrates later then developed into an amphibian and started encroaching towards land. Despite water living beings, these creatures are provided with aquatic a gill that helps them respires both inland and water. Amphibians, Tortoise, are the next level of evolution that inspired to be further incarnation by Vishnu. Dribbling of cosmic water undertook by both the demons and angels and Lord Vishnu incarnated as amphibian supporting the dribbling swearing in the mortality to the Angels.

3. Varah Avatar – Boar, Ferocious wild Animal

Immediate promotion to exact land-living creation is the animal form of evolution. Those animals capable of sustaining life on earth even with low levels of oxygen and water but carry five senses. Darwin’s theory of evolution travels closely with the foremost Dasavatars of Lord Vishnu. The theory of evolution is not adapted by the incarnations but somehow related to the later one in all aspects.

Varaha Avatar

Probably the correlation is known to have occurred thousands and thousands of years ago, according to Hindu mythology. In accordance to owe the earth from the evil-demon, Lord Vishnu aspired himself in this incarnation and turn into a ferocious wild animal that rescued the earth from evil. 

4. Narasimha Avatar – Half Human and Half Lion

Narasimha avatar

Next furious evolution of living thing is the confirmation of man thing starting originates or revealed from animals. Animals like monkeys are said to be our forefathers but Lord Vishnu incarnated as half human and half lion manifestation to kill the demon Hranyakashyab thereby protecting his beloved devotee Prahlad. The incarnation reveals the fact that animals were ruled the earth before the emergence of human life. It is also been proposed by Darwin that human ancestry is closely related to the apes in ancient days before proper humanity evolved.

5. Vamana Avatar – Dwarf man

Vamana avatar

A successful turn into human dwarfs is led by Vamana Avatar of Lord Vishnu which proclaims that human identities were not exactly what is seen today. People of ancient days do not intact as what is being today but were dwarfs. Those prone to live in the caves are known to be dwarfs hence the incarnation as Vamana by Lord Vishnu. But according to Hindu mythology, Vamana is a dwarf Brahmin who arises in the goal of salvation to wise King Mahabali. Vamana is a man of Vedas and ethics.

6. Parasurama’s Avatar – Hunter

Parashurama avatar

Here comes the beginning of the perfect evolution of man series with the incarnation of Parasurama’s. He is bestowed with anger and known for its impatience and lived in caves and mountains carrying out his penance throughout his life. The complete evolution of mankind is the specialty of this avatar but living the early style of life using harmful weapons like stone and axe for hunting.

Probably, hunting is the exact business done by this perfect man’s early days whereas Parasuram is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu that is bound to kill kshatriyas according to his promise. Behind the mythological reasons, Parasuram is considered as the well-bound mankind being to live on the earth.

7. Ram Avatar – Perfect Man

Once the man came out of the caves and begins to live civilized life by developing society, He framed certain rules, terms, and conditions that should be abiding by his fellow beings. He concentrated much on self-respect and individual respect, relationships, and its dignity, etc. This mode of evolution that transformed a barbarian into cultured man is the ultimate progress that man met ever in the entire process. A similar mode of representation is in carved by the preserving God in his Ram avatar.

Rama avatar
Source Flickr

Ram avatar is the well developed Human form of the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu that denotes the complete frame of humanity.  Lord Ram is the exemplified example to the cultured man that respects his elders and fellow beings at the same time being responsible for framing righteousness in the society. Similarities of Ram Rajya to Darwin’s cultured society of evolution are something awesome. Everything was right and everyone abides by righteousness.

8. Krishna Avatar – Mentally Grown Man

Hinduism believes that Krishna Avatar is the completion of evolution or the final stage of evolution. Well defined mankind is established at the time of Krishna Avatar. Though there is the completion of physical evolution man realizes that there exists the mental evolution or variations in the metaphysical aspects of human beings. Apart from the existing social establishment, humankind starts recognizing themselves, coming forward to reveal the self-identity, pushed to establish a personification in mental aspects.

Krishna Avataram

Lord Krishna preaches the self enlightening thought that determines personal development. He also says that everything that happened happens and yet to happen is happening for the sake of goodness. Nothing is in the hands of the individual; he should commit himself to complete his responsibility without any expectations. All is well and everything is based on karma. It goes in varying lengths to talk about the ethics proclaimed by Lord Krishna but as far as evolution is concerned completion of mankind in physical mode ends up with this limit.

9. Budhha Avatar – Spiritual and Meditative Man

This incarnation is the perfect outcome indulged with the qualities that Lord Krishna preached about. Buddha is the enlightenment featured man being the ninth avatar of preserver God next to Krishna avatar.

Buddha avataram

Buddha preaches divine love and love alone. He also paved the way to find the path for Moksha. He was able to take mankind to achieve Moksha. People are willing to settle themselves towards Moksha. As per the theory of evolution, it is necessary to wind up the cycle of a living being to proceed with the further cycle of creation. Exactly a similar point is stressed again and again by the Dasavatars of Lord Vishnu.

10. Kalki Avatar – Mystical and Destroyer

Kalki avatar

To wind up with the concept of evolution by physical means of variations, Darwin’s theory ends up. Whilst, the Dasavatars of Lord Krishna goes beyond the theory of evolution insisting the fact that everything that has created is bound to be destroyed by a time limit. According to the theory of evolution, whatever that has created on this earth is subjected to changes, development and prospective destruction respectively. At the same time, there is the re-creation of matter or re-incarnation takes place every time. 

Lord Vishnu insists or preaches he devotes that he incarnates whenever there seems to arise of evil over good, the progression of anarchy. According to his preach, He re-incarnate every time he abides by evolutionary theory and holds firmly the Dharma what is called the actual being of humanity. He clears off everything on this earth that goes against dharma but allows us to sustain those who follow the dharma.


The article is just a draft that tried well highlighting the similarities of Darwin’s theory of evolution to the Dasavatars of Lord Vishnu. Every step initiating the development of human life is compared to each avatar of Lord Vishnu.
Hopefully, there arises doubts and questions regarding the similarities probable to the difference in the time gap between the two but as far as the theory of evolution framed; it matches quite possibly to the avatars of Lord Vishnu.

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