The Hindu or Spiritual way of Solving a Problem with other people

When going through Hinduism research, I found that there are 4 steps to solve a problem with avoiding conflicts or fight with other personnel by Chanakya.

The following are the 4 ways in order

  1. Sama Upay – Talk
  2. Dana Upay – Gifts
  3. Bheda Upay – Logic
  4. Danda Upay – Fight or War

Here Upay in Sanskrit means “Idea”. Now, Let us look through each Upay and see how they will help.

Chanakya - Solving a Problem

Chanakya, also known as Kautilya is a very smart Royal advisor to Emperor Chandra Gupta. He wrote Ardha Shastra, The Science of Material Gain, in 3rd Century BC.

1. Sama Upay refers to conciliation or alliances

The first way to resolve a problem with someone is called Sama Upay. It is simply by talking to another person in a requesting, political way.

2. Dhana Upay refers to gifts or compensation

If Sama Upay does not work, then we use Dhana Upay, i.e., by giving a gift or paying something in value. We give them something that will encourage them to do what we want.
e.g.: To feed kids, we give them their favorite toys.

3. Bheda Upay refers to Logic or Trickery

If Sama Upay and Dhana Upay did not work, then we go for Bheda Upay, taking the help of someone or something powerful to convince the other person.

4. Dhanda Upay refers to force or armaments

If all the above 3 ways did not work, then we go for Dhanda Upay, the use of Force or we go with war so that we defeat the other and get what we want.

Let us look at this with the example of Feeding a Kid
1. Request kid to eat
2. Give the favorite toys and feed while playing with it
3. Use something he/she is scared of like Ghost or some character
4. At last, we give some little punishment so that he will eat

We hope that you will apply the above steps and resolve conflicts with others and achieve great things in life!

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