Which is the most powerful prayer in Hinduism?

There are a series of powerful mantras and chants in Hinduism and each holds different purposes and values. Praying and worshiping is considered to be a vital part of this religion. They offer worships in the form of mantras, meditation and yoga. And each of these has the most important syllable OM present in them as a sign of the Brahman.

So, now you must be wondering which is the most powerful prayer and why so? The most powerful prayer is the Gayatri Mantra. It is a universal prayer and is followed and recited every day by the devotees on its particular time. The Goddess Gayatri is considered to be a Divine Mother who protects her children from all the evil and negative energies.

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Out of all the numerous mantras, there is none that is as great as the Gayatri mantra. The Gayatri is devoted to the part of the sun that is just before sunrise as to contain all the energy that comes from the cosmos in the Gayatri it is believed that meditation along with the Gayatri burns all the impurities that cover the mind and are put on us through uncountable births and bless you with a vision of the ultimate consciousness.

The holy books and texts tell us that meditating with the Gayatri mantras gives you a constant feeling of pure consciousness within you. And when you meditate on this mantra with all your heart and mind then all your work and actions that you do will be transformed into noble deeds offered to the divine one. Also, you will have a complete unity with the primary goddess of consciousness and all you work will be done effortlessly and hurdle free.

The Gayatri mantra symbolizes the shared wisdom of the complete Vedic revelation. The Gayatri also means the god who protects the singer in one of the lines of its mantra. Thus, with the protection, she is also said to lead her children to the path of self-realisation. Also, when the Gayatri is recited an extra sentence is present at the start. That line comprises the sound of Om, which is followed by three shorter sound that is known as the ‘maha vyahritis’ or the great utterances.

What is the Gayatri Mantra

The Gayatri is a prayer and also a mantra. As a chant, it is used by the meditators to make the mind conscious and is related to the sun and as a prayer, it pleads to god for the direction of the mind. This prayer consists of an extravagant explanation of spiritual thinking.

Gayatri Devi

It enlightens that the bhargah that is the solar spirit, who is the core of Savitri, the solar being, who is furthermore the inner character of the Surya or sun. the Gayatri mantra, in short, is a supplication the that which is the pure light of consciousness.

So, what is this concept of pure consciousness? The Vedic texts say that pure consciousness is the divine knowledge that directs all and is present in the heavenly places. Also, this knowledge is also present in each human being if he discovers it, he shall find.

The Gayatri mantra or prayers purifies the mind and also calls in the great force which helps in awakening it.

The Forms of Gayatri Devi

The goddess Gayatri Devi has a total of 5 faces and 10 arms, and the swan is her means of transport. She is believed to be a pure form of goddess Parvati, is the wife to Lord Shiva, and in certain texts, it is also seen that a form of Gayatri is the second wife to the creator, Lord Brahma.

She is a giver of wisdom and knowledge to all those who worship her regularly and it is also believed that some who have a magical vision can and have seen the goddess.

The goddess form of Gayatri is identified as the Mother of the Vedas, the spirit of the Upanishadic sense of illumination and the mother of the entire universe. There are many physical bodyguards in this world but one should never forget the most powerful protector that is provided by the Jagan Mata, who is the mother of the universe.

The recitation of the Gayatri mantra continually with faith and protection gives the worshipper divine protection. It is believed to worship other goddess and not worshipping Goddess Gayatri is like worshipping others mothers and forgetting about your own.

Gayatri devi statue

This mantra is also recognised as the Savitri mantra which is devoted to Savitri who is the sun goddess. She is characterized as the source, motivation and life-giving power of the universe.

How and when can you recite the mantra?

If you love to recite this mantra you can chant it in both evening and morning according to time. Although, your meditation need not coincide exactly with the authentic rising or setting of the sun, particularly in the extreme latitudes of the Northern Region of America. These are some of the steps you can practice:

First, sit in a posture which feels comfortable. Practice meditation of breathing in and out with concentrating on your breath. This will help you calm and relax the mind. Now imagine the golden sun rays entering into your body. Let them enter from the centre of your eyebrows, then let the light slowly travel to the lower region in the chest. And there feel the golden rays spreading in your heart and mind.

Take a moment to thanks the seers of the Vedas. Then in the middle of this golden sphere, which is present at the Anahata chakra that is centre of the heart and repeats the Gayatri mantra in the mind. Practice the recitation like your internal sun has merged with the consciousness of the divine and let the sound now flow to that internal sun within you. Furthermore, let the sound of the mantra vibrate in your entire body.

Do not overdo with force make sure you repeat it naturally. The use of malas can be done for longer practices. They sound should vibrate in you and fill your entire body with it.

The rhythms of this Gayatri mantra with daily practice will fill your life with happiness and peace. The Gayatri will take you above the places of physical troubles and enlighten your spiritual life by restoring it. practising it daily is the need of the soul and will help you find happiness and joy in your day to day life.

What is the Value of Chanting the Gayatri?

The recitation of the Gayatri mantra creates vibrations in your body that helps in opening your spiritual being. These vibrations are called as the Nadas. Also, your body is filled and awakened with this divine energy. Reciting the 24 seed syllable does a marvelous Jhankar, a lively ringing so that influential energy that flows from the chakras of the body. The energy of unification with the divine is bestowed upon you and is known as Yoga shakti.

The Gayatri mantra is either said silently or in a calm and soft voice with a calm mind. This helps in fulfilling all the wishes that have been on your mind and in the heart. According to astrology, the mantra guards the children of goddess Gayatri against the harmful effects of the energies of the nine planets, eliminating fear and serving you to a positively complete any mission.

Gayatri also maintains equilibrium between air, earth and fire the qualities or Doshas in the body, safeguarding goodness of health. The Gayatri mantra is the most influential mantra. By meditating on it you will slowly understand that the entire universe is the warmth of the divine mother, seen as the personification of your own depth. Ascending to such states will not let you fall again. You will continually be soaked in an ocean of heavenly ecstasy. This is the sole completion of spirituality, which can be effortlessly attained by the Gayatri mantra.

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