Which is the most powerful weapon in Mahabharata?

In numerous world folklores, the characters in the legends are frequently given otherworldly weapons. In Greek folklore, for example, Zeus has his thunderclaps, while the Norse god Thor has his wizardry hammer, Mjölnir. Powerful weapons additionally show up in Hindu folklore and are referred to by and large as Astras and The Brahmashirsha Astra is the powerful among them. These otherworldly weapons are employed by the characters of the different Hindu writings, including those of the popular epic, the Mahabharata. 

Explicit Nature of Astras 

While an Astra is an overall term used to indicate a heavenly weapon in Hindu folklore, these weapons have certain highlights that permit them to be recognized from those found in the folklore of other world societies. For a beginning, each Astra was directed by a specific divinity. All together for an Astra to be utilized, the divinity must be summoned, who might then present heavenly powers onto the weapon employed by the saint. As a heavenly weapon, an Astra couldn’t be countered by ordinary weapons, however, it very well might be spurned by another Astra. 

There are likewise explicit conditions that should be satisfied with the goal for one to employ an Astra. A hero must have the information needed to arm, control, and incapacitate the heavenly weapon. This frequently appears as a mantra and is typically passed down from expert to understudy by overhearing people’s conversations. It is without shock that this information is given over just to the expert’s top understudies. There are additionally sure Astras that must be procured straightforwardly from its directing divinity, as information on the mantras alone are not adequate for one to utilize them.

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Why is it considered the most powerful weapon?

In Hinduism, an Astra was a heavenly weapon, managed by a particular divinity and permeated with profound and mysterious forces that caused its impact or effect. Later the word came to indicate any weapon which was utilized by delivering it from one’s hand (for example a bolt), instead of being utilized while held like a sword (Shastra). In Ramayana and Mahabharata, Arjuna had more weapons than some other warriors. Different writings have expressed that Arjuna had practically all astras aside from Narayanastra.

To gather or utilize an Astra required utilization of a particular spell or summon. The god conjured would then bless the weapon with otherworldly powers, making it difficult to counter through customary methods. Explicit conditions existed including the use of astras, the infringement of which could be lethal. As a result of the force in question, the information including an Astra was passed in the Guru-shishya custom from a Guru (educator) to a Shishya (understudy) by listening in on others’ conversations alone, and just after the foundation of the understudy’s character. Certain astras must be given over from the god included straightforwardly, information on the chant being inadequate. 

The Brahmashirsha Astra 

In old India, the Brahmastra and its variations, the Brahmashirsha Astra, and the Brahmanda Astra were powerful weapons utilized in the conflict of Mahabharata and are together called Brahma weapons. The Brahmashirsha Astra was a weapon that was supposed to have the option to annihilate the world, fit for obliterating creation and vanquishing all creatures. It is quite possibly the most ruinous, incredible, and overwhelming weapon referenced in Hinduism. These weapons are completely made by Lord Brahma, except brahmanda-Astra. 

It is named as a red hot weapon that makes a furious fireball, bursting up with awful blazes and endless ghastly thunder streaks. At the point when released, all nature including trees, seas, and creatures shudder, and the sky encompasses fire, glacial masses soften and mountains break with overflowing commotion for what it’s worth. 


At the point when utilized, the Brahmastra can obliterate each valuable asset in a given territory and forestall even a solitary piece of sod from truly filling around there once more. There will be no precipitation for 12 Brahma years (1 Brahma year = 3,110,400,000,000 Human years circular reference]) and environment conditions will deteriorate. The strike of the Brahmastra will ultimately annihilate everything. 

Weapon Variants

The Brahmashira Astra shows with four heads of Brahma at the front and is multiple times more grounded than the ordinary brahmastra. Brahmanda Astra is a weapon that shows with the fifth head of Brahma at the front. It is a weapon that was equipped for annihilating the world. Arjuna and Ashwatthama nearly utilized the Astra against one another close to the furthest limit of the Kurukshetra War, anyway both were halted by Narada and Vyasa to forestall the obliteration of the world. 


There are various examples inside Sanskrit religious sacred writings where the Brahmastra is utilized or its utilization is compromised, including: 

  1. Brahmarshi Vishvamitra used it against Maharishi Vasishta.
  2. Indrajit utilized the nagasthira against the multitude of Rama in the Ramayana. Lakshmana was harmed by this weapon as it were. Just the Sanjeevani spices brought by Hanuman figured out how to save the siblings and their military from death. Likewise, Indrajit utilized the Brahmastra against Hanuman, yet Hanuman endured on account of the shelter recently given to him by Lord Brahma. 
  3. In the Ramayana, a Brahmastra is utilized by Shri Rama a few times: once against Jayanta when he hurt Sita, against Mareecha in their last experience, lastly the Brahmastra was utilized in the last fight with the Asura ruler Ravana.[6] According to the Ramayana, the weapon was likewise focused on Varuna to cut a way out of the ocean to such an extent that Rama’s military could walk towards the island of Lanka. Nonetheless, as Rama stacked the weapon, Varuna showed up and offered to help the lord in intersecting the sea. However, once summoned, the Brahmastra should be released, and consequently, it was rather pointed towards Dhrumatulya, tumbling to cutting edge Rajasthan, making it become a desert for ages to come.

Destroyer of Worlds 

Concerning the Brahmashira, it has been referenced that a zone struck by this weapon would be annihilated, the land would be infertile for a very long time, downpour would not succumb to a similar measure of time, and all that there will be harmful. In the Mahabharata, Arjuna and Ashwatthama utilized the Brahmashira against one another. Expecting that the force of these two stars would annihilate the world, the sages entreated the two champions to reclaim their weapons. Arjuna had the option to do as such, while Ashwatthama, coming up short on the necessary information, couldn’t. The champion was given the choice of picking any single objective to annihilate, and Ashwatthama coordinated his Astra to the bellies of the Pandava ladies, in the desire for finishing the Pandava Dynasty. This fizzled, notwithstanding, as Krishna saved Parikshit, the unborn offspring of Arjuna’s girl-in-law, Uttara. For this apprehensive demonstration, Ashwatthama was revealed by Krishna. 


Be that as it may, if you search for explicit weapons like Sri Krishna’s weapons and other heavenly weapons, at that point they were rewarded the divine beings from whom they had got them in any case. You can say that they were rented from the divine beings for a lifetime, post which they returned to their unique spots.

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